I Heart RIBS!

August 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Boyfriend plays in a little band called Bellarios. (Shameless Plug). As one of the finalists in KSEE 24’s Central Valley Talent Competition he was slotted to play at the Fresno Rib Cook-off last weekend downtown at Eaton Plaza. Don’t know where that is? I didn’t either and I’ve lived in Fresno for almost 26 years, so don’t get too down on yourselves kiddies. Turns out it’s that park by the Water Tower. The City of Fresno picked up the parking tab (you classy Broad you) for what I would judge as a great first attempt at an event like this.

There were many BBQ competitors from all over the nation and world (one competitor was from Australia!) with a variety of reasonably priced grub to choose from. The event booted a rib eating contest and rib cook off. I love me RIBS!!! They surely did not disappoint. The event was very SAFE. Contrary to popular belief, you will not get shot for driving south of Shaw. There were tons of inflatable thingys for kids and beer in less eco friendly but more safety efficient plastic bottles for the big kiddies. All in all, great, free, all ages fun. Seriously, not what one would expect from a city with a rep for lacking activities. I will definitely go back next year.

With that said Fresno, I do have a couple tips for next year:

1. I would love to see more local competitors. Though the trophies and banners were very impressive from the competitors, VERY IMPRESSIVE; seriously, I had no idea how many people spend their lives traveling the nation in BBQ contests. I see an indie movie just waiting to happen. However, I would have loved to see more mom and pop operations.

2. Whoever was running the concert portion of the festivities. We need to talk. No really, you are tack city. I mean setting up a giant inflatable screen directly in front of the stage while people are performing. Not ok. Definitely the most amateur portion of the evening. They were seriously setting up for Guitar Hero during LIVE acts. Poo Poo on you.

But seriously… A great first attempt. Our sweet little Fresno is growing up.

I know what you’re thinking.. what no pictures? Just words? I know, right? so lame. I promise there will be gratuitous pics next time.

I heart your face Fresno



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