Fresno Birthday

August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alright I had to do this.

Everyone, it’s Cambria’s birthday today and she’s the other half to “I Heart Fresno.” In fact, “I Heart Fresno” was her brain child.   Aren’t we all so glad that she thought up this idea??  I am!

Cambria is such a sweet soul, with a little spice and a little sass. The PERFECT combo if you ask me. I consider Cam my soul sister because we just get each other. She’s passionate, caring and so fun to be around. So many people love Cam simply because she’s herself. You don’t need a manual to figure her out, she just is who she is.

Oh, and did I mention she’s probably the most stylish person I know??  So maybe if we’re lucky she’ll give us a few style tips in the future.  She’s so good at so many things it actually kinda makes me sick.  But seriously, she’s the real deal, folks and I promise you that her blog posts will continue to be entertaining as well as hilarious.

Cheers to Cam!  Happy Birthday! Fresno is greater because you’re in it!

❤ Dominique


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