Fan Friday

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

As promised here is a guest blog from one of our followers, Adam Departee.

Thanks so much for sending in your blog Adam and telling us what you heart about Fresno. Here’s Adam…

People. The people I am around are easily one of the things I heart most about Fresno. Now you might think I’m referring to my family or those I call friends. WRONG! Fresno is one unique melting pot of people, lifestyles, and personality types. Hands down we (Fresno) are a great place to people watch!! From belt buckles big enough to have their own zip code to diamond studded Gucci BMW licenses plate covers to make Lauren from The Hills a tad jealous and everything between, we’ve got it all. Spend 45min in front of the Riverpark Edwards theater on a Saturday evening or walk the farmers market in Clovis on Friday nights and you’ll see a collection of people no airport this side of DFW can offer. If you want to take your people watching to the next level head the Tower District after 10pm on the weekend. What you’ll see is a sight no cable package can match!! Every walk of life comes out of the woodwork for a night out in Tower. A quick glance around Livingstones or Vinnie’s on a Friday night and you’ll see all the major reality shows represented. Jersey Shore, Millionaire Matchmaker, Cheers, Survivor (you’d assume some people just walked off whichever island they’re on this year), The Real Housewives of Fresno (see what I did there), America’s Next Top Model, and a few people that would be voted off of Dancing With The Stars quicker than you can say tango! It’s amazing that some people still decide to watch television when the real life version of Blind Date is happening at the booth next to us! There is so much to take in you won’t possibly be able to catch it all in one night. The people of Fresno, and surrounding areas, are amazing. The diversity I see here on a daily basis is why I didn’t opt for the Uverse 300 package at home. With over 900,000 people in Fresno County (2009 population estimate) there will never be any shortage of real life reality shows to watch and that is one of the many reason I Heat Fresno!


Adam is seriously so much fun to follow. You can keep up with him by following his blog. Click here.

Thank you so much Adam! We really do want to post guest bloggers every friday. To Submit yours email


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