Fan Friday: Anthony Taylor

September 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

And again, here we are for another Fan Friday. We are so grateful to our followers and we hope that you guys keep submitting your posts about “Hearting” Fresno. If you would like to be considered to be a guest blogger please submit your post (anytime beforeThursday, 11:59pm each week) to

Let me introduce you to Anthony. He’s Editor-in-Chief for Fresno’s HIS magazine (soon to go online as well) and is also a fellow Fresno Lover. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, Anthony.


This is going to sound negative, but stay with me.

There are a lot of cities out there with quite a bit of swagger. I mean cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle…and so on and so on; those cities know they are badass. There is no question. Most of us dream of living in one such city. Sure, we say we want to live somewhere quaint…but we really want to be where the culture is. Well anyway…I do. I’d LOVE to live in New York or San Francisco. I love theater, good food, delivered food at all hours of the night, public transportation and a bustling night life. But when I talk about LOVING a city, I don’t just mean it’s environment.

I LOVE feeling like I can affect that environment. That community. SF, NYC, CHI and SEA are all great cities. No doubt. And if I lived there I’d love it…for a time. But then I’d want to start my own theater company. Or become the editor of a magazine. Or write commercials. Or meet local bands. Or connect with other creative professionals in a real cool way. I want a place that lets me real affect change on my community. A place where I have access to the cultural, intellectual and social players in town. So that’s why I love Fresno.

I love that Fresno has such a low self-esteem…right now. I don’t want her to always be such a battered girlfriend, but for right now I enjoy being her one guy friend who really “sees her” and tells her she deserves better. Except the cool part about Fresno is that I can start to change the behavior that makes Fresno so insecure. I can help create a theater company and I can be the editor of a magazine here. I can use that voice to bring awareness to my favorite parts of town. See, the fact that so many Fresnans loathe Fresno is what makes me love her so damn much. She’s a great girl, Fresno. So get out there and walk all over her. Buy her fresh fruit and partake of her local business (if you know what I mean.)

Want to hear more from Anthony?
Check out his Blog HERE
Or find him on Twitter HERE


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