TEAZERS in The Tower

September 21, 2010 § 4 Comments

For this Tower Tuesday I popped into hipster staple Teazers for a reminder of why their Tea is so expensive. Cause it’s that good. I should probably have said why it’s WORTH so much. Honestly. I heart chai. It’s my addiction of choice and it reigns supreme at Teazers. I mean, it’s art. You must… I mean MUST try the Tiger Spice. Delish.

The staff is really fun and creative and you’ll enjoy getting to know them a bit while they’re taking your order. This visit the gals and I chatted about our Halloween Costumes. Seriously, they’re so cute.

They also feature local artists frequently for art hop and occasionally I’ve spotted musical acts (mostly town trubador types on their acoustic).  What I have always known Teazers for is for it’s mass appeal. It continues to draw this undercurrent of cool Tower kids and this is also one of the only spots north enders will venture to in The Tower. I feel like they treat it almost like a field trip. Coming in to gain some street cred by hanging out near a bunch of tatted, pierced, unshowered, regulars. Don’t get me wrong, I love both groups that assemble. It just cracks me up that they converge on the same place. It’s just really rare to appeal to both crowds in Fresno. Again, it’s because it really is that good.

However, word is that Teazers will soon be coming to strip mall Mecca Riverpark. I’m curious if the Northies will continue to make the trek out to Tower once they have a convenient spot at Riverpark. Being a northie myself, it’s going to be really convenient having it close by and I can see myself going more often because of that. Will it draw the hipsters further north to change it up a bit? Who knows. I love change and Tiger Spice, so for me it’s a win win. It is hard to imagine Teazers in boxville, but I’m excited to be doing more of this:

How do you feel? Do you think Teazer’s is “selling out” by opening a spot in Riverpark? or Do you feel like they’re brilliant and you’re excited to come to the new location?

Either way, I hope you’ll continue to venture to The Tower for now to give it a try.

❤ Cambria


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§ 4 Responses to TEAZERS in The Tower

  • Wes Crockett says:

    I’m a bit indifferent as to them opening up another location… It makes good business sense. The real question is, what vibe are they going to bring with them…

    Are they going to model it after the existing one, because I don’t think that will fit in well with the niche that is River-Parkers (hip high schoolers). I’m sure they will succeed there, but I think I’ll be sticking with the original, but then again, I’m neither a Northie or a Tower(ie?)… I’m a FIGGIE!
    Thanks for a great article Cam!

  • Tiffiny says:

    I agree with Wes, I’m also indifferent to them moving to Riverpark. If they bring their magic with them, I think it will still be good. There is also a Teazers downtown, too, right? They mainly serve the business people of downtown. So, I sure the new one will be fitted perfectly for the Riverpark clientele. I’m in West Fresno, and I spend more time in the Tower anyway, so I think I’ll still frequent the wonderfulness that is Teazers. My favorite is the chocolate black ice tea. Yum! I’ll have to try the Tiger Spice sometime…I’m always looking to try new things there! 🙂

  • I’m SOOOOOOOO happy that Teazers will literally be right down the street!!!

  • Andrew B says:

    Personally I’m sad that the Big T is moving north. Part of what makes Tower Tower is Teazers. It’s a landmark for those who cannot live without their Tiger Chai (I’m with you babe). Who knows, maybe moving North will add some flavor to the vanilla sea that is Riverpark. All the best T!

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