B-Alive Vitamins

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m all about natural and organic stuff. I’m kinda a weirdo about it. I love learning about it, I love looking at it. I just love it. The organic and all-natural craze hasn’t really hit Fresno at full speed yet. If you go down south or even up north to the hippie ya-ya nation that IS Santa Cruz you’ll find eco-friendly clothing, loads of organic produce and even all natural beauty products in a number of stores. In fact, there are many stores up north and down that cater to the “all natural” population (which is a lot).

In Fresno, however, these stores are few and far between. There are a couple here and there that have the loyalty of their long-time customers to keep them in business, but most Fresnans who are new to the all natural world don’t know where to go when they want eco friendly, organic, natural choices (other than Whole Foods, of course). Don’t get me wrong, I really love Whole Foods, but I’d rather get products locally first if they are available.

I walked in and was greeted immediately. The store’s atmosphere was welcoming and warm. I felt like I was entering a good friend’s home. I spoke to the manager and she gave me a little tour around the shop. They have a great selection of herbs and organic teas. In fact, I left with a beloved favorite (Yogi Relaxed Mind Tea). Their vitamin selection is outta control. Like for realzie. They also feature a wide variety of natural hair products, which I totally appreciate (Giovanni is another personal favorite).  They have other goodies here and there from different grains and pastas to organic baby clothing. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to becoming a frequent customer.  B-Alive, Fresno!  Support our nature loving friends.

❤ Dominique

Visit their website HERE
And find them on Facebook HERE

B-Alive Vitamins can be found at the following locations

6757 N. Cedar Ave.
Fresno, CA 93710

6701 N. Milburn #140
Fresno, CA 93722


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