Fan Friday: Meet Silvia Chenault

September 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fall in the valley is my favorite time of year. The cool weather is a welcomed friend, especially after the choking heat of summer. In fall there is a special scent in the air that energizes me all day long. I tend to invite people over to my house more often. I love making soups and stews. The girl in me is thrilled because I get to wear my favorite boots, sport a cardigan, or fun striped tights and mary janes. I get out and about more, hit up the thrift stores and antique shops. I love going on mini road trips and seeing the landscape change. Things get greener. The sky grows bluer and cloudier. The whole valley becomes magical. Here are some places around Fresno that I love to hit up before the cold and fog take over. I’d love to share them with you:

1. 41 North, Mini Road Trip

If you have a little time, get in the car, take 41 North and keep going until the city ends and the lovely fields and orchards begin. There is nothing more beautiful than the October sky over the fields at the corner of Highway 41 and Avenue 15. Unfortunately there is really no place to stop and relax. You can pull your car over for a moment, take out your camera and snap away. There is also a great place to get fresh produce called the Summer Peck Ranch Fruit Stand around there, but the view is covered by a gas station. If you feel like a little more driving, take Avenue 15 west until you get to Madera. This is the way I’d drive home from Fresno State for many years. It’s lovely.

2. The Corn Maze at Cobb Ranch

Take the 41 North and in only a few minutes from River Park you’ll be in one of the most charming places in all of Fresno, Cobb Ranch. They really know how to celebrate the fall season. You can choose your very own pumpkin from in their huge pumpkin patch. There are adorable farm animals that you can feed. You can take a hay ride and see the beautiful ranch property. My favorite thing to do is get lost in the spectacular corn maze. Last year my son, husband and I trekked through the muddy trails in a light rain. It was quite an adventure. The hightlight was finding one of the tall wooden staircases in the middle of the maze that allows you to climb up and see the corn and ranch spread out before you.

3. Cedar Lanes, 3131 N. Cedar

Cocktails and vintage style bowling…what’s a better combination? This bowling alley is a hidden gem in one of the most unique parts of town. They have really awesome deals on games everyday of the week, but the best time to go is on the weekdays before 5pm. My family and I like to go for an hour or two before dinner. Not only is it empty, but you pay only $2.50 a game! . Early weekend on Friday anyone? That sounds like a long and happy Happy Hour to me.

Don’t forget that our beloved Fresno Fair is approaching quickly. I can’t wait to get pics of all the crazy rides and colorful booths. Here is one I took of the Ferris Wheel out at the little Caruther’s Fair, last year.

Have a great weekend my Fresno friends. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. 🙂



For more from Silvia, make sure you check out her blog:


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