Fall Fling vs. A Taste of Riverpark

September 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well Kiddies, I am literally on my way out the door to hop on a plane and head to a conference for my day job. Before I left we HAD to talk about all the craziness happening today. I’m going to break down for you where you should be at tonight. If you’ve ever complained about not having something to do on a Saturday night Sweet Lady Fresno has answered back.

FALL FLING: You should probably go if
-You are a College Student over the age of 21
-Your friends are in the modeling show
-You love Angel Taylor and Ryan Star cause they will be performing
-You hang out at The Standard
-You listen to Y101

Basically this is going to be a younger vibe. By younger I mean it how my parents do like 21-39. If you’re over that you can go, but you will probably be that creepy guy with the beer everyone calls “Uncle” something. Truthfully, if you’re over 35 you are probably in creeper territory, but I’m giving you some wiggle room.

I’m sure this will be an amazing event. Anything hosted by our girl Y101’s Nicole Giordano is always going to be a good time and a portion of the proceeds are going to RCS of Fresno. Very classy, seriously, great organization.
Taste of Riverpark: You should go if

-You want to hear my boyfriend (he does have a name by the way, Andrew Belleci)’s smooth vocals and Scottie Larios’ swift beats. (If I were in town, this would be reason enough for me)

-Your kids are in the kid’s fashion show

-You love wine from Engleman Cellars

-You want to help Saint Agnes Hospital

Here’s where I have my own theory. Ok, so Springtini/Falltini used to be a huge event for business type folks in Fresno. This is circa like 6 years ago. Now it has blown up into a huge festival and the demographic has definitely changed. I remember friends of mine going and it was like your business bought a table for it. Since it’s evolution, I think the business types are looking for a little more tame version. I think this is where Taste of Riverpark was born. If you’re over the age of 40 and you want a place to hang out with your friends without bumping into somebodies kids or someone you used to babysit, this is for sure the place for you.

The rule of thumb for me is match your age up with the price of the tickets. FallFling is $20 and Taste of Riverpark is $40. Also, the fashion show at Taste of Riverpark has Macy’s, Chicos, Old Navy and some others. FallFling’s is The Laundry Room and I’m guessing Stella and Khloe since they’re sponsors. A little hint at who they are trying to target.

Either way, get out and enjoy the festivities. Tickets for Taste of Riverpark can be purchased at the door. You can purchase your tix for FallFling online here.


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