Fan Friday : Heather Kane

October 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Fellow Fresnans,

Some of you have been fooled into thinking that we can’t participate as a family in sports. I’m blogging today to tell you that you are wrong! Our family has been rock climbing together since our daughter Grace was 4 years old. It’s brought us closer as a family. We work hard and we play harder! Fresno has a little gem in it’s backyard known as Yosemite Valley! Climbers from all over the world travel to this paradise of boulders. We get to enjoy this beautiful creation with just a short drive from our home. During the week Grace trains at our local gym. Yosemite Fitness (Willow and Nees) offers indoor climbing for all ages and abilities. They have a youth climbing team that competes year round. Adults of all abilities are also invited to compete at the competitions. My husband Jim and I love that we are able to train with our daughter at the gym. Jim has taken classes on setting anchors, belaying and climbing safety at Yosemite Fitness.

Climbing builds endurance and strength. The first few times up the wall can be a little scary (I’m not gonna lie). But after a few times up and down the wall, it’s pretty amazing! You don’t have to be super coordinated to climb either (trust me, I’m not)! To take those skills and try climbing outdoors takes it to a whole new level of amazing. When we aren’t training indoors we have a wide range of places to climb on the outskirts of Fresno. We’ve scaled walls in Auberry, Shaver, Courtright, Hume, Sonora, Santa Cruz, Malibu, Bishop, Tuolumne Meadows and Joshua Tree. Most of our vacations are based on climbing spots. There is a great group of local climbers that like to take trips to these places. We are incredibly blessed to have easy access to some of the best climbing spots in the United States.

The sport of climbing is becoming increasingly popular among kids. There’s something appealing to kids to be able to compete as an individual or as a team. There are teams all over the nation that compete at the National level. A handful of kids from our team in Fresno have made it to the National level in competing! For the past three years Grace has trained hard and taken 1st and 3rd in the Nation both in bouldering and sport climbing. It has been the thrill of her life (all 11 long years of it!). Our friend who works and trains at Yosemite Fitness, Jayne Burnett (age 50 something) has also taken the National title! The kids and adults compete through “USA Climbing”. Comps are held once or twice a month at gyms in the Northern and Southern California climbing gyms. After participating in 3 competitions over a span of four months, they must compete at a Regional competition. If the competitor does well at Regionals then they are invited to compete at Nationals. If all goes as planned, in 2016 climbing will be introduced as an exhibition sport at the Olympics. How amazing would it be if we had some of our kids from Fresno representing the U.S. at the 2016 Olympics?

Here are a few websites with links to climbing resources…Grace and I would also love for you to follow our blogs.

Climb on, Heather


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