Fresno Bully Rescue

October 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

OK I know this is super lazy of me, and somewhat obvious because I love animals so much, BUT don’t judge ok? We’re all friends here. I want you to check out the Fresno Bully Rescue HERE. No, it’s not a Bully rescue as in rescuing mean, snotty, kids from the 5th grade lunch line (although that is something to think about)- it’s actually about dogs; the Bully Dog Breeds to be exact.

The reason I’m telling you this my friends, isn’t because I want you to just go to their site (but you should) but it’s because this weekend there is a great opportunity to get involved with this organization. It’s called the Bully BOO Walk at Woodpark park. You get to dress up a Bully in a Halloween costume and walk them around! How cute is that? You can find more details about the event HERE.

Make sure to share this info with your friends and be sure to “like” their FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

❤ Dominique


§ 2 Responses to Fresno Bully Rescue

  • Sara Cooksey says:

    I volunteer for Fresno Bully Rescue. They are an amazing organization that does wonders with the dogs they rescue! The center has been in “renovation mode” for several months. The dogs all have new kennels, misters for the summer, and sun shades! (this is all since this year) There have been over 70 adoptions this year. What can I say, I too love FBR! See you all at the Bully Boo Walk!

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