I heart Dusty Buns!

October 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

Last month I got to head up to Portland and fell in love with the city. One of my favorite things about the city was the food cart revolution that is taking over. Because of the economy, aspiring chefs who cannot afford to invest in a restaurant are selling gourmet food on the street for super cheap. It’s where we ate lunch every day and it was amazing. I kept thinking, I wish we could do something like this in Fresno. Low and behold, I came home to find out about Dusty Buns Mobile Bistro!

I’ve been following them on twitter and trying to track them down and finally, today, the stars aligned. Andrew and I gorged ourselves on half the menu and were not disappointed.

First off, Mr. and Mrs. Buns are just the cutest. You can tell they LOVE what their doing. I had the “veg out” sandwich and andrew had “the dusty bun”. Both were amazing. My “veg out” was so tasty with eggplant, squash, olives and parm. It was so flavorful and delicious. We couldn’t stop there though, we also had the market salad and tortilla soup. Both were absolutely delicious.

Seriously, this ain’t your mama’s food truck. The cuisine is fantastic and the price doesn’t hurt either. They pride themselves in using local produce and ingredients. They use organic products and are famous for making everything from scratch, even, you guessed it, those dusty buns.

Check out our spread.

OH and there’s even MORE! Here’s Andrew with his yummy soup.


(best boyfriend picture EVER!)

Plus, they gave us some AMAZING granola, blonde brownie samples and potato salad. I didn’t try anything that I didn’t love. Those blondies. I can’t stop thinking about them!!

Follow Dusty Buns Bistro on twitter or check out their website. They’re building a more consistent calendar, so it’s getting easier and easier to find them. I know they’ll be out in front of Twee Boutique and Cafe Corizon tomorrow night from 6-8pm.

stop by and enjoy and tell them hi for us!

❤ Cambria

Oh and here he is in a dusty bun induced coma


§ 3 Responses to I heart Dusty Buns!

  • melanie says:

    Dusty Buns is the best! Love it 🙂 Can’t wait for my dinner tomorrow night, yum!

  • andrew says:

    so good. had it last thursday in front of cafe corizon… so good…. umm…

  • Marsha P says:

    I’m a food cart owner, VanSchnitzels, in Portland and am glad to read you were able to come visit some of the cities food carts. I was born and raised in Fresno before leaving in the 70’s while my husband served 20 years in the service. To me it was a privilege to be raised around some of the most diverse foods of the world along with the best produce ever. I’m sure Fresno will join the cart train full force soon and you will have a lot more to enjoy. Good eats….

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