(dot) Net? or CA(dot)com?

November 5, 2010 § 10 Comments

How confusing does the title of this post look? I bet your eyes are crossing. Good, then I’ve done my job.

Cam and I are in a bit of a tough spot right now. We’d like to purchase a domain name to take “I Heart Fresno” to the next level, but when we went to grab the name, http://www.iheartfresno.com was taken! TAKEN! Sheesh!

So we came up with two alternatives.

Number One : I Heart Fresno (dot) NET
Number Two : I Heart Fresno CA (dot) com

Now, this is important ladies and gentlemen. Grab your kids, grab your wife, grab your husbands ‘cuz we be askin’ everybody out here. Yes, we want to know what YOU want, Fresno. We know it’s only a little change, but we are excited to start rolling with some new ideas at the I Heart Fresno headquarters and we’d like your input along the way, starting NOW.

I can’t figure out how to put an actual fancy poll on here so please just comment and let us know if you’re for choice one, or two.

Can we count on you, Fresno?

❤ Dominique & Cambria


§ 10 Responses to (dot) Net? or CA(dot)com?

  • Jared Young says:

    DOT com is easier to remember. Plus Fresno, Ca doesn’t get confused with Fresno, OH. But I don’t know anyone who hearts Fresno, OH.

  • Daily Dues says:

    I think you two should get http://iheartfres.no/ .no is an actual domain. DO IT!


    • SERIOUSLY! I know, we looked into that–but as of now it doesn’t look like we can get it. We’ll keep you posted, and if you know how to get us figured out with that, we’d appreciate the help.

  • As much as I want to answer your question, I just can’t stop laughing. ” Grab your kids, grab your wife, grab your husbands ‘cuz we be askin’ everybody out here.” Genius, ladies.

    And I’d go with the latter.

  • Natali says:

    I think .net is easier to remember and less awkward than adding CA in. My vote is for .net. 🙂

  • Justin says:

    I would suggest buying them both now (for 1 year) and whichever one you decide to use just let the other one expire after a year. Would hate to see them get squatted before you decided (this has happened to me a number of times), besides it’ll cost you less than $20 total.

    Personally I’d pick the .com version 🙂

  • Sheri Baker says:

    I like the .net option because it keeps the simplicity of the current name. There’s also something authentic feeling about a .net. .coms feel more detached and business-like. That’s my two cents!

  • Sara Cooksey says:

    I say register both of them too, just in case.
    My vote would probably be for iheartfresnoCA.com

    …also looks like http://www.i-heart-fresno.com is available…

  • ed says:

    you may be able to track down the iheartfresno.com and see if they’re willing to part with it. in all honesty, i wouldn’t be surprised if james collier owns it, as he has a penchant for purchasing websites.

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