“New to You” and New to Me!

November 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I know I’ve mentioned this already, but I love old treasures. I love looking through thrift stores and such in hopes of finding a hidden gem. It gets me all giddy just thinking about it. New to You is a “gently used furniture and consignment boutique.” Their motto (that can be found on their website) is : “Reuse-Save Money-Save the Planet”

Are you KIDDING ME?! Did someone just say everything I love to hear? Yes. Yes, they did.

I remember checking out this place when they first opened. They were located right across the street from Fresno High–over by Echo Cafe. It was a cute store then, but they definitely have more in stock now. Their new location is a warehouse that’s packed full! It’s located at 3241 N. Marks Ave. #117, BUT it’s kinda tricky to find them. Although their address is technically Marks, they are actually on Weber, so don’t get confused like I did! Instead, Mapquest 3252 N. Weber and it’ll drop you off right on target.

Alonso is one of the owners, and he’s one of the most helpful guys you’ll ever meet. He walked me through his warehouse telling me about different furniture pieces and knick knacks he had in the shop. I was also informed that New to You has “5 dollar sales” at least once a month to make room for new or “old” inventory. To keep up with dates for 5 dollar sales and get a sneak peek at new store arrivals make sure to “like” their Facebook Page HERE and check out their website HERE.

Chance and I walked away with 4 goodies. We bought 3 chairs for the studio that we’re going to refinish (forgot to take a picture of them, sorry!) and I bought an ewwy gooie gorgeous 1950s-ish dresser that I CAN’T WAIT TO REFINISH! Ugh! And the prices? SUPER GOOD. My dresser (that is practically flawless) was sold to me for $125 folks–AND, AND Alonso himself delivered it. What a guy!

Let’s be fearless, Fresno. Get out their and be creative when you’re decorating your office, apartment, home or business. Let’s keep our money going to good Fresno businesses while we have fun in the process.

Do you have anything you need to furnish? Go to New to You and check their selection.

Here’s my dresser! Can you see me drooling?

I’m thinking about doing the dresser this color. I love the dreamy, light blue. Whatdaya think? I’m open for suggestions.

(picture via designsponge)

❤ Dominique


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