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November 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Remember when I was super disappointed about New Star being closed when I showed up for dinner? They have decided to close Sunday-Wednesday because business has been slow. This breaks my heart, especially since this is one of the few veggie/vegan restaurants in Fresno. I wonder why Fresno doesn’t like to support specialty restaurants? What are your thoughts?

This past Saturday I was craving New Star’s Tofu Spring Rolls. Yuumm yum, yum, so my hubby and I darted over to dine. And just so you know, my husband isn’t even close to being vegetarian, but he loves this place. That’s how awesome their faux meat is. We ordered my favorite Tofu Spring Rolls (sorry forgot to snag a picture) and the Mongolian Beef plate with rice. Everything was delicious, and New Star is quickly becoming one of my favorite Fresno restaurants.

I was thinking about New Star and how they are desperate for business, which is sad because their food is AMAZING–(seriously I’ve never had a bad thing there) but I couldn’t help but think of a few tips for them as far as location, décor, etc.

First of all, for some reason the location of this restaurant (Champlain & Perrin) isn’t working for them. I don’t know if people around this area just aren’t interested in faux meat or if they aren’t very adventurous with their palate, but every time I visit this restaurant it’s always dead-zo. I can’t help but think that their style and type of food would work better over in Tower District, maybe even Downtown in the Galleria?? Or even…dare I say it…Riverpark. Instead it’s tucked in the corner where no one sees it (and I really don’t think people are trying to see it either).

Secondly, the décor. Ummm…I don’t get it. The large fancy curtains with the super fancy white linens and table settings don’t fit the vibe of the food. I almost feel like I’m underdressed every time I walk in there, but why?? It’s not the food that’s making me feel that way–it’s the fact that New Star is trying to tell me it’s fancy when let’s be honest-it’s not. Their menu books are WAY too high class for this place. I understand wanting to look professional, but the mess of linens and fabrics and wall art do NOT work. Their branding isn’t consistent with their signage or interior.

And last but not least, please New Star, I BEG you, please find a way to stay open, even if it’s just changing/opening those curtains so people can see your beautiful, delicious food… maybe that’ll make ‘em stop in. I don’t want to live in a city without your addicting tofu spring rolls.

What do you think, guys? Do you agree with me or disagree? I’d love to know!

❤ Dominique

New Star Location
1134 E Champlain Dr # 108
Fresno, CA – (559) 434-6363


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