It’s the Italian That You Need to Know.

November 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Do you remember those ads?! Dicicco’s is pretty much a Fresno institution. I mean if you’ve been in any corner of town you’ve driven by one and if you’ve lived here for longer than an hour you’ve probably had it. Usually we try to post about places you might not know, but this time I thought I’d give an honorable mention to an old stand by.

I heart Dicicco’s. They aren’t my favorite Italian food in the world, but I love them because of a couple things that are absolutely delicioso. First, everyone who knows anything knows the reason you come to Dicicco’s is the bread. The wonderful, warm, tasty awesomeness that is their bread. There was one summer that Kathleen Bergen and I totally lived off of their bread and otter pops and it was one of the best summers of my life.

Second, have you had their toasted ravs? I think they’re called toasted. Oh my gosh, if you haven’t you must try them. Crispy raviolis that are totally addictive.

Third, they have this incredible lunch deal. I mean, you know I’m all about a deal. For six bucks you can pick one of six options. On a recent stolen lunch Andrew and I opted for the lasagna. Six bucks people! Six bucks is less than a Carl’s Jr. meal will cost you. Plus, it’s so much food I had to take home half my lasagna. Good food for a good price. In this economy we can’t forget about those old standards that still need our business. I mean what would Fresno be like without Dicicco’s? I won’t even dream of it. Go see your old friend Dicicco and tell them I said hi.

❤ Cambria

Here’s the evolution of getting a good picture of the lasagna lunch.

Me: Is this good?

Boyfriend: Ehh..

Me: Better?

Boyfriend: no, I’m pretty sure it’s worse.

My lasagna fell into my lap on this one.

My best attempt at being Italian.

Ok, I give up, here’s what you really want to see… The FOOD!



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