An I Heart Fresno Wedding

November 16, 2010 § 6 Comments

This weekend Andrew Belleci, affectionately known here as “boyfriend” effectively eliminated my favorite nickname by asking me to MARRY HIM. That’s right folks, we have an I Heart Fresno engagement!


How did it happen?! I know you’re dying to know, but first… you want to see the ring right?!

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Ok, so here’s the full story.

Andrew and I started dating 3 years ago. After about 3 weeks it didn’t quite work out. After that we tried not to date each other for a year and a half and failed miserably. We’ve been together now for a year and a couple months. During that time, actually all the time, Andrew has kept a journal. You need to know this back story to fully appreciate what happened.

Ok, Friday morning at approximately 9am Andrew came to pick me up. He had a non fat chai from The Grind in his hand, because he knows the way to my heart is through consumable goods. I live near Woodward Park, so he suggested we go for a walk on our morning off. We hadn’t been in a little while so I immediately agreed. (I wonder what he would have done if I said no, but I digress..)

We were walking and talking as if life altering decisions were not about to take place when he pointed out that someone had left a note tacked up on the walking trail. Being the ever curious Armenian that I am (ok nosey) I immediately began to read it. It was dated 3/16/07, the day Andrew and I met.

Tears instantly began to flood my face as I realized he had lined the walkway with excerpts from his journal from the past 3 1/2 years. We laughed together and I cried a lot as we read and reminisced about each one. Eventually we made our way to the bench we have our big talks on. He had his guitar and a bouquet of flowers waiting for us. He sang a song and then got down on one knee.

It was beautiful, it was us and it was perfect. About 10 minutes later I started to think.. holy smokes! I have a wedding to plan! Which means… we have a new section of the blog coming just for you Fresno! Dominique and I are proud to announce I Heart Fresno Weddings!! We’ll be bringing you info on wedding vendors, locations and ideas for making your Fresno wedding a unique experience. You’ll get to follow me along as I plan my wedding and hopefully I’ll be able to shoot you the best deals and vendors this wonderful town has to offer. I’ve already done a ton of research that I can’t wait to share with you! Whether you’re planning a wedding of your own or just love all things weddings we’ll hope you’ll check back on us as we go through the process! The good, the bad and the ugly; you know we’re going to break it down for you! If you have any vendors or wedding suggestions you want to send my way, I’d love to hear them. You can email me at

❤ Cambria

The fiance’s


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