Wassssssssabi !!!!!

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

You’ve been there, right? They yell “Wassssssabi” or “What’s up” at you and then you feel really uncomfortable while you stand there waiting for a table. But it’s all good fun.

This place is good. In fact, they won a Best of Fresno award for “Best Sushi Bar” And someone else very special won, too! My hubby, Chance James for Best Artist and Best Photo Studio!!!

Sorry, I’m a proud wife… I had to plug that.

Anyway, before Chance and I had the studio downtown we were located in Fig Garden and we basically went to Wassabi 3 times a week for lunch. Speaking of lunch, their lunch specials are AWESOME! You can pick two entrée items, plus soup, salad, rice, and a drink (even a beer!) all for 10$!!! It’s their Lunch Box special. It’s phe-nom.

I always eat way too super fast, so this is my only picture. I know, I’m so lame!

It’s really important that we support local businesses. And that brings me to my next point. The Fresno Bee’s People’s Choice Awards for 2011!! I know, we have to vote again?! Yes you do, folks. Let’s give people the recognition they deserve.

To vote, click THIS LINK.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

❤ Dominique

Wassabi Locations

1085 E Herndon Ave # 110
Fresno, CA 93720-3160
(559) 435-5423

Fig Garden Village
752 W. Shaw
Fresno, CA 93704


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