Say Yes To The Dress

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Nearly two and half weeks into our engagement I have absolutely no final decisions made… except, I know what I’m wearing! I’ve found my dress! Not only did I find a dress I love and that looks beautiful, but I found one for $100! You read that right, $100 dollars! How cool is that? Ok, so here is my say yes to the dress story.

I started my journey at Madeline’s in Clovis. The owner, Sherri has been in the wedding business since I was in Kindergarten and she still loves what she does. It was amazing to me to watch Sherri just enjoying the entire process with me and my family. She was really invested and her staff actually seem like they like what they do. The dresses were beautiful, but I was quite overwhelmed considering that I had just gotten engaged the day before.

Here I am trying on a couple of dresses there. I was obsessed with this Enzoani belt.

My advice for brides who are on the hunt for a dress or future brides… Take your time. Look at how a dress looks on you in pictures after you’ve left the boutique and aren’t riding the high of feeling like a bride. Think practically about your day. Can you enjoy yourself in the dress you’ve picked all day? Then go hunting for a deal! It’s a lie that you have to spend thousands to find a dress that looks great and that you’ll love. In this economy there are so many great deals out there for brides on a budget. I mean just in the last two weeks there were black friday sales at Mia Bella and Madeline’s as well as Veteran’s Day weekend sales. Start following boutiques you like on facebook and see what specials come up… but I digress. Back to my dress hunt story.

As I said, my fam and I went to Mia Bella’s Black Friday sale this weekend. They had one of those sample sale’s going on. You know the ones people advertise about dresses for $100 but then you get there and you realize even your grandma wouldn’t have been caught dead in that dress. This was not one of those sales. There were some gorgeous dresses there for totally reasonable prices and quite unbelievably I fell in love with the illusive $100 dress. For obvious security reasons I can’t show you my choice just yet, but I can tell you about my deep deep love for Debbie and Derek.

Debbie and Derek are the owners of Mia Bella and I simply adore them. Debbie (who I’m pretty sure I have a girl crush on because she is all together fabulous) treated me as though I was spending thousands in her store in stead of 100 bones. She was so invested in us and kind and immediately got my style and the vision that I had for my dress. Her son, Derek is so professional and warm and together they make a dynamic team. Seriously, if you’re a bride in Fresno you have no reason to leave town to look for a dress. Mia Bella and Madeline’s both treated me like gold. These ladies are the real deal. Who know’s you might even find that illusive $100 dress for yourself.

❤ Cambria


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