Holiday Homes

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

We are excited to be back! Thanksgiving break was good to us. And Cam got a wedding dress!! Woot!! Woot!!!

How was everyone’s Turkey Day? Did you do it up traditional with the bird and stuffing or what about raviolis and red sauce? (Shout out to my fellow Italians out there. HEY OH)!

While Thanksgiving was delicious and fun, I am excited to announce that I already have my Christmas Tree up and decorated! I’m one of those people who doesn’t even let my Thanksgiving feast settle before I run off to Cobb’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Speaking of Christmas, one of my favorite annual December events is coming up. Can you guess what it is? No! Not Gingerbread lattes (are there people actually drinking those? Barf.), it’s…………………The Fresno High Holiday Home Tour! If you’re like me then you’ll LOVE to be nosey and look inside other people’s homes. And when the houses are THIS quaint and lovely, who could pass it up?

The proceeds of ticket sales benefit Fresno High School. Who wants to support a great cause AND see dreamy, historic homes? Ummm… sign me up!

Please help keep this holiday tradition going and buy tickets for the Holiday Home Tour on December 6th. Check out their website HERE for more details, and make sure to keep up with updates and become their Facebook Friend HERE.

Hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season!

❤ Dominique


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