I Heart Fresno Weddings: Englemann’s Cellars & Encore Events

December 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Fresno’s selection of wedding locations can be a little limiting for a bride who is looking for something truly unique. There are definitely places here that are wonderful, but you really have to dig to find something different. Wolf Lakes is beautiful and I’m totally not dissing what they do, but I just didn’t want to get married where so many of my other friends had.

It’s also hard to find a place that will give a you the freedom to choose your own vendors. If you’re on a budget and you’re planning a wedding in Fresno, having the freedom to choose your vendors will help you save money and create the unique feel that you want to. With all of this considered I went on an exhaustive search looking for the right place, with the right feel, for the right price. Exhausted I turned to the lovely Suzanne Devereaux of Encore Events who came in and saved the day. She is an absolute joy and is changing my life. Seriously, if you are looking for a wedding planner who is warm, professional, and gets your style, she is totally your gal. She loves what she does and you can feel it in the way she treats you and gets excited with you.

Together we headed out on a mission and found our perfect location. Drum roll please…… Englemann Cellars! Andrew plays music and his band Bellarios played a gig out there awhile back. They have a beautiful open area out there and the sun totally sets over the vineyards. It basically looks like they just took out a huge rectangle in the middle of the vines and added a beautiful grass area with trees. You’re surrounded on three sides by vines and it’s absolutely beautiful. We really wanted our wedding to have a natural and laid back feel and Englemann’s is absolutely perfect for it. Plus, they allow us to bring in whatever vendors we want. On top of that, they are super reasonable. For events of 80 people or more, you just have to purchase 10 cases of wine and you get the facility… for free! We were going to purchase wine anyway. How great for us to buy a great local wine and get the perk of using their gorgeous facility.

If you’re a bride looking for something different in the Valley, you are not alone. I literally looked EVERYWHERE in the Valley, so if you need any suggestions of places, feel free to email me at my new email! Cambria@iheartfresnoca.com. As soon as I figure out how to check it, I’ll send you my list of spots.

❤ Cambria


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