Cast Your Vote For Fresno

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’ve been spamming you about voting for Fresno and for good reason. Walmart is going to give away one million dollars to feed the hunger to the community that has the most support. Currently Fresno is in the top spot, but the no. 2 city, Grand Rapids, is not too far behind. While it would be wonderful for any city to be able to feed people that are hungry in their area, I would love to see the money come here. As you heard from Mike Slayden, the director of Off The Front last Friday, we have the highest concentration of poverty in the nation! That alone would give us reason enough to support Fresno.

However, then I read Mike Oz’s article on the Beehive today and I was like, “Oh no he didn’t”. Not Mike Oz, he’s the man, but John Arnold. Who’s John Arnold you ask? He’s the director of the Grand Rapids chapter of Feeding America.  He told a Grand Rapids reporter this last week, “To lose to New York City would be expected but to lose to Fresno would be humiliating.”

“Oh no HE didn’t!” Well I think he’s already taken care of humiliating himself. I mean really, you work for feed AMERICA. Last time I checked, Fresno’s a part of America. Here’s where we come in. Let’s rally together. Let’s support our city. Let’s show all the John Arnold’s out there that Fresno cares and is a community that will do anything they can to help the homeless in our community. Take a second and cast your vote HERE by clicking “like”. When you’re done post it on your facebook, spam email people, twitter it, make a sandwich board sign and wear it around town, do whatever you can to get Fresno those one million buckaroos.

Let’s show this nation how much we HEART Fresno.

❤ Cambria


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