Time For THAI

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whoa, what’s this.. we’re blogging?! Could it be true?! I know we’ve been the worst right? Well we’re back in action kids and ready to ATTACK!

Today, I had a break from the evil cocktail of rain and holiday traffic and enjoyed a roommate reunion. Sunny Yingling, our dear married friend and former roommate had lunch with roomie Brooke and I. Such a great holiday diversion.

Here’s me and Mrs. Yingling. (BTW Mrs. Yingling happens to be an AMAZING dietician, so if you’re trying to slim down in the new year check her out!)

Here’s the other side of the table.

Ya, I was magically on both sides. Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have a twin.

As far as I’m concerned, any time is a great time for Thai. I had never been to Time For Thai on Willow and Nees, but I really enjoyed my experience. First of all, I walked in and the restaurant was completely empty. Not great for business, but great for a quiet lunch. The ladies who were working were crowded around what I’m guessing is a Thai Soap Opera. Whatever it was I was entertained until my girls arrived. We all were craving some Pad Thai and none o us were disappointed. The menu is huge, reasonably priced and from what I gathered from my Pad Thai, tasty.

Here’s a picture of Brooke’s leftovers, cause I sure did finish mine.

If you need a diversion from the holiday madness or you just want to catch up on your Thai Soaps, check out Time for Thai.


❤ Cambria


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