I Heart Fresno Weddings: a Vintage Tea Party

December 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

The lovely ladies of Encore Events treated me to a high tea at the Victoria Rose Cottage in Clovis. I happen to be getting married on the royal weekend, so it was quite fitting. Though I’ve heard about it for years, this was my first visit to the Victoria Rose Cottage. The house is under new ownership and Nathan is embracing what Clovisians have loved for years while expanding the business to reach a new client base. Nathan has plans to maintain the traditional tea room and also create a space for business lunches. He and his head chef are going to keep the favorites on the menu and add some updated options for the business crowd.

We went classic. Pinky’s up and all that.

I had the creme brulee tea, which was delightful. Just sweet enough and super yummy! As we were sipping on our tea, they brought us some AMAZING homemade scones. Seriously, I was in pastry heaven. I don’t have a picture, because the scone didn’t stick around long enough. The homemade jam and clotted cream were a perfect topping and I was a happy little piggy.

Before our meal was done we had a delicious salad and finger sandwiches. Both the experience and the food were unforgettable. I can imagine that if you have a little princess, this would be the perfect place for a unique birthday party or event. I loved this little gem. Make sure to stop by and experience it for yourself.

❤ Cambria


Time For THAI

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whoa, what’s this.. we’re blogging?! Could it be true?! I know we’ve been the worst right? Well we’re back in action kids and ready to ATTACK!

Today, I had a break from the evil cocktail of rain and holiday traffic and enjoyed a roommate reunion. Sunny Yingling, our dear married friend and former roommate had lunch with roomie Brooke and I. Such a great holiday diversion.

Here’s me and Mrs. Yingling. (BTW Mrs. Yingling happens to be an AMAZING dietician, so if you’re trying to slim down in the new year check her out!)

Here’s the other side of the table.

Ya, I was magically on both sides. Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have a twin.

As far as I’m concerned, any time is a great time for Thai. I had never been to Time For Thai on Willow and Nees, but I really enjoyed my experience. First of all, I walked in and the restaurant was completely empty. Not great for business, but great for a quiet lunch. The ladies who were working were crowded around what I’m guessing is a Thai Soap Opera. Whatever it was I was entertained until my girls arrived. We all were craving some Pad Thai and none o us were disappointed. The menu is huge, reasonably priced and from what I gathered from my Pad Thai, tasty.

Here’s a picture of Brooke’s leftovers, cause I sure did finish mine.

If you need a diversion from the holiday madness or you just want to catch up on your Thai Soaps, check out Time for Thai.


❤ Cambria

I Heart Fresno: Griswold Hunting

December 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

Since I was a little girl I have loved Christmas lights. My parents were never really into putting up lights outside. They came up with a brilliant compromise. Every year my siblings and I would cram in the back of our 1989 Camry and ride around our neighborhood with our parents “Griswold Hunting”.

It was my Mom’s idea. We drove around our neighborhood aimlessly looking for whoever had the most outrageous Christmas displays we could find. We would pick our personal favorites and beg to go by them again and again on our way home from Christmas parties. Those memories are some of my fondest and they come to life every time I see twinkle lights.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve carried on the tradition. Three years ago one of my first dates with Andrew I talked him into going Griswold Hunting with me. We drove around the city hunting for Christmas lights and chatting. Here we are in phase one of our relationship.

I say all this to make you tear up and also to prove that I am an expert in finding the best amateur Christmas displays in Fresno.

In my quest I have found the creme de la creme. The piece de resistance. The mucho mucho awesomest one. You’re going to need to see this one for yourself to believe me. Pack in your friends, your kids, your loved ones and head down to 1189 N. Citadel Clovis, CA 93619 and check it out for yourself. At the end of Clovis’ Candy Cane Lane, this display is truly unique. The owners have purchased a radio station. Like a drive in theatre (if you’re old enough to remember those) you tune your radio in to their station and watch their house light up corresponding to music. I was unable to get any good footage, but I did find this on youtube that can give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

You seriously have to see it in person to really take it all in. They do shows every 15 minutes from dark until 10 pm. Go start a tradition.

❤ Cambria

Say Yes To The Dress

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Nearly two and half weeks into our engagement I have absolutely no final decisions made… except, I know what I’m wearing! I’ve found my dress! Not only did I find a dress I love and that looks beautiful, but I found one for $100! You read that right, $100 dollars! How cool is that? Ok, so here is my say yes to the dress story.

I started my journey at Madeline’s in Clovis. The owner, Sherri has been in the wedding business since I was in Kindergarten and she still loves what she does. It was amazing to me to watch Sherri just enjoying the entire process with me and my family. She was really invested and her staff actually seem like they like what they do. The dresses were beautiful, but I was quite overwhelmed considering that I had just gotten engaged the day before.

Here I am trying on a couple of dresses there. I was obsessed with this Enzoani belt.

My advice for brides who are on the hunt for a dress or future brides… Take your time. Look at how a dress looks on you in pictures after you’ve left the boutique and aren’t riding the high of feeling like a bride. Think practically about your day. Can you enjoy yourself in the dress you’ve picked all day? Then go hunting for a deal! It’s a lie that you have to spend thousands to find a dress that looks great and that you’ll love. In this economy there are so many great deals out there for brides on a budget. I mean just in the last two weeks there were black friday sales at Mia Bella and Madeline’s as well as Veteran’s Day weekend sales. Start following boutiques you like on facebook and see what specials come up… but I digress. Back to my dress hunt story.

As I said, my fam and I went to Mia Bella’s Black Friday sale this weekend. They had one of those sample sale’s going on. You know the ones people advertise about dresses for $100 but then you get there and you realize even your grandma wouldn’t have been caught dead in that dress. This was not one of those sales. There were some gorgeous dresses there for totally reasonable prices and quite unbelievably I fell in love with the illusive $100 dress. For obvious security reasons I can’t show you my choice just yet, but I can tell you about my deep deep love for Debbie and Derek.

Debbie and Derek are the owners of Mia Bella and I simply adore them. Debbie (who I’m pretty sure I have a girl crush on because she is all together fabulous) treated me as though I was spending thousands in her store in stead of 100 bones. She was so invested in us and kind and immediately got my style and the vision that I had for my dress. Her son, Derek is so professional and warm and together they make a dynamic team. Seriously, if you’re a bride in Fresno you have no reason to leave town to look for a dress. Mia Bella and Madeline’s both treated me like gold. These ladies are the real deal. Who know’s you might even find that illusive $100 dress for yourself.

❤ Cambria

Dominion Pizza

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

On rainy days like this one, all I want to do is be a hermit and veg. Who’s with me?! I absolutely love lazy rainy days. They are perfect ones to enjoy some delicious take out and whatever is instant streaming. I think Fresno happens to have a wonderful selection of pizza joints. My Mother, Celeste is a conesuer of pizza. Growing up she would drive miles to Luigi’s. Anyone remember that place? To this day I have no idea where it was because I had the worst sense of direction as a child (it has slightly improved). My Father, John can still recite by memory the number of the Me N Eds down the street from him as a child. I think you’re starting to get that we sort of like pizza in our family.

I can’t say that I have a favorite because there are so many amazing spots here in town. Dominion pizza is definitely high on the list. The staff is super friendly and they are always wiling to work a deal with you to save a few bucks. I love their not-too-thin, not-to-think, strong-enough-to-hold-up-when-dipped-in-ranch but not cardboard crust. They have locations all over town, but I usually frequent the Willow and Nees location. I used to work near there and often shot over with my coworkers for their lunch special. You can get a personal pizza and a drink for 6 bucks, seriously a great deal.

What’s my order you ask? Pepperoni and olive dripping in ranch with jalapenos on top. Delish. Stop by this great family run spot or order in while curled up on your couch and enjoy.
Don’t you love my excellent use of iphone app to hide the lack of makeup I’m wearing in this picture. You totally bought it right?
❤ Cambria

PS Can you pick a favorite pizza spot? It’s so hard.

Dominion Pizza

Fan Friday: Jordana Siebert

November 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

We realize it’s not really friday, but it was a rather exciting friday here in I Heart Fresno land so we’re running a little behind. (How’s that for suspense!) I know the anticipation for Fan Friday must be killing you, so without further delay, I’ll let the lovely Jordana Siebert take it over with…. what’s that, yet another post about Clovis?! Gee golly it’s true!

The New Kid in Old Town

There seems to be an epidemic of boutiques spreading throughout the Central Valley, and it was just recently that I discovered The Boutique in Old Town Clovis. Mark and Bree Gentry, owners of “A Gentry Salon,” had talked about expanding beyond the walls of the salon because they wanted something for their clients to do while their hair was processing, but it needed to be more then perusing through hair product and handbags. The dream for expansion became a reality three months ago at the grand opening of The Boutique right next door to the salon, and it has proven to fulfill its purpose!

The Boutique is an eclectic store that is very affordable and carries something for everyone. Whether it is clothing, boots, accessories, handbags, scarves, or even furniture, they have it all! Requests for clothing can come from clients, but inspiration comes from mainly down south. The Boutique wants to help set trends rather then follow them, which also includes the way that they decorate the store. Besides carrying clothing, the owners decided that they would choose unique display pieces of furniture for the store that are available for purchase at very affordable prices!

You can become a fan of “The Boutique” on Facebook and find out about great flash sales, specials, and upcoming events. So whether you are a classy professional or a trendy fashionista, everyone can find something at The Boutique.

The Boutique
401 Clovis Ave #103
Clovis, CA 93612


Monday –Saturday 10am- 7pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

A Fresno Girl in Clovis

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

My love for Fresno didn’t begin a couple of months ago when we started this blog. It’s been a longstanding love hate drama filled high school relationship that has developed into something real over the last couple of years. However, I must admit, I am still learning to love Clovis.

I am a Fresno girl. If you are raised in Fresno you are bred to have a distaste for Clovis, or as I like to refer to it “The Great White North”. I don’t refer to it like that actually, I just made that up, but I thought it was funny so I kept it in here. Even though I attended Clovis schools for a couple of years I never really felt like Clovis was for me. However, sticking with the positive message of this blog and realizing that you can really learn to love any place, I’ve been convicted about the lack of Clovis related posts on the blog. Here’s one just for you Clovis. Sit back and enjoy.

Andrew and I have a long standing love affair with all things thrift and old. It started before I met Andrew. My parents and pretty much everyone who knows me well have always called me an “old soul” and I think it’s true. I mean not in the sense that I have a recycled soul, but I have always had a sentimental and romantic heart. Every time I pick up an aged treasure I think about the people who used it before me and there is something just wonderful about that. In fact, my birthday wish for 25 was to go antique shopping in downtown Clovis with my man.

Here are cute and young 25 and 29 year old us.

The Clovis Antique mall is an amazing place to go on a treasure hunt. They’ve been doing an great job with Downtown Clovis the last few years adding little boutiques and cute places to grab a bite mixed in with the same old standards we know and love. There are many antique stores that line Downtown Clovis. If I were you I’d spend half a day just wandering around. I’d start with the Clovis Antique Mall because it’s one of the largest and has such a wide variety of items to choose from, but seriously, anywhere you start you’ll find something that can spark your creativity. Now, these are not thrift stores, which means you have to pay a little more for your finds. The great thing about this place is not necessarily the price, but the convenience of being able to shop so many antique stores in one place. If you’re looking for a truly unique treasure, one you can pass down someday, this is definitely the place. You can pretty much find ANYTHING you’re looking for.

Then when you’re done get a real coke out of the coke machine and sit on a bench for as long as you can with your cell phone off. If that doesn’t make any Fresnan’s heart beat a little for “The Great White North” I’m not sure what will.

❤ Cambria

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