Holiday Homes

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

We are excited to be back! Thanksgiving break was good to us. And Cam got a wedding dress!! Woot!! Woot!!!

How was everyone’s Turkey Day? Did you do it up traditional with the bird and stuffing or what about raviolis and red sauce? (Shout out to my fellow Italians out there. HEY OH)!

While Thanksgiving was delicious and fun, I am excited to announce that I already have my Christmas Tree up and decorated! I’m one of those people who doesn’t even let my Thanksgiving feast settle before I run off to Cobb’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Speaking of Christmas, one of my favorite annual December events is coming up. Can you guess what it is? No! Not Gingerbread lattes (are there people actually drinking those? Barf.), it’s…………………The Fresno High Holiday Home Tour! If you’re like me then you’ll LOVE to be nosey and look inside other people’s homes. And when the houses are THIS quaint and lovely, who could pass it up?

The proceeds of ticket sales benefit Fresno High School. Who wants to support a great cause AND see dreamy, historic homes? Ummm… sign me up!

Please help keep this holiday tradition going and buy tickets for the Holiday Home Tour on December 6th. Check out their website HERE for more details, and make sure to keep up with updates and become their Facebook Friend HERE.

Hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season!

❤ Dominique


The Race For the Ring

October 28, 2010 § 7 Comments

I am super impressed right now with the creativity coming out of Fresno. If you haven’t been following us for very long, you need to know I (we) are absolutely convinced that any place you live will only be as enjoyable as you want it to be. There is a lie out there that there is nothing to do in Fresno. The truth is, there is LOTS to do in Fresno, but not really a place to communicate about it. (That’s where we come in, of course.) There is a huge population of people who never get involved in community events. I’m begging you, pleading with you, engage! Get out into the community and try something besides hanging out at Riverpark on a Saturday night. You might find that this city has way more to offer you if you’re willing to give it a shot. That’s probably enough from atop my soapbox so I’ll take a breather to tell you about a really exciting event happening in a couple weeks.

On Nov. 6th there is going to be a city wide text message scavenger hunt. How cool is that?! For $40 you and a partner can get in on the action. Not only will this event be seriously fun, but it’s also a benefit for Fresno First Steps Home, a local charity working towards ending the cycle of homelessness in Fresno. What? That’s not enough motivation for you? How about the fact that they are going to be giving away $25,000 worth of prizes, including a $15,000 diamond ring! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. You can register for the race here.

We’re so excited about this event that we’re going to personally sponsor the first team of racers who comments on this post! Wouldn’t it be cool if an I Heart Fresno reader won that ring! We think it would. If you want more info, make sure you check out their video on youtube.
Happy Racing!
❤ Cambria

Fan Friday : Dave Ashjian

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One of our fans is a great friend of ours, Dave Ashjian. For this Fan Friday, Dave asked if he could share an event that is going on at his work place. He works for the Ronald McDonald House and wants to share some info with you. Take it away, Dave…

Individual tickets are $50 and sponsorships are still available!
To purchase tickets or for more information about the event please call (559) 447-6793. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a night of great food, fun, and entertainment while raising money for such a great cause.

About the Central Valley Ronald McDonald House

Located just a few steps away from Children’s Hospital Central California, the Central Valley Ronald McDonald House provides a “home away from home” for families while their child is being treated at Childrens Hospital and other local medical facilities. The Central Valley Ronald McDonald House serves nearly 1,000 families each year. Some families stay for just a few days, while others stay for weeks or even months, depending on the siverity of their childs illness.

Each of the 18 guestrooms at the Ronald McDonald House are equiped with two queen size beds, restroom, and television. Guests share common living areas such as fully stocked kitchens, living rooms, TV and play rooms. Although it costs between $85-100 per night to house a family, the Ronald McDonald House only asks for a nominal $15 donation per night. If a guest cannot afford that, the fee is waived. Nobody is ever turned away for an inability to pay.

For more information about the Ronald McDonald House or to learn more ways to support this great local charity please visit or call (559) 447-6770. They would love to hear from you!

Fresno Bully Rescue

October 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

OK I know this is super lazy of me, and somewhat obvious because I love animals so much, BUT don’t judge ok? We’re all friends here. I want you to check out the Fresno Bully Rescue HERE. No, it’s not a Bully rescue as in rescuing mean, snotty, kids from the 5th grade lunch line (although that is something to think about)- it’s actually about dogs; the Bully Dog Breeds to be exact.

The reason I’m telling you this my friends, isn’t because I want you to just go to their site (but you should) but it’s because this weekend there is a great opportunity to get involved with this organization. It’s called the Bully BOO Walk at Woodpark park. You get to dress up a Bully in a Halloween costume and walk them around! How cute is that? You can find more details about the event HERE.

Make sure to share this info with your friends and be sure to “like” their FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

❤ Dominique

Tower Tuesday : Lend Me A Kitty

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Remember when I told you about the Fresno S.P.C.A. Benefit?? Remember?? Well I went. And it was wonderful.

The play was called “Lend Me A Tenor” and because the S.P.C.A. was pairing up with the play for the evening, I thought it was appropriate to title this post, “Lend Me A Kitty.” HA!! So funny…

…anyone?? anyone??

whoa. tough crowd.

Well, this post isn’t to make you think I’m funny, or otherwise. It’s to tell you about the event, so maybe next time you’ll attend.

First of all, I love plays. I love the arts, and I LOOOVE animals.

whoops…how’d that get in there?? 😉

Anyway, what was I saying??…

Oh yes, yes, plays and animals.

“Lend Me A Tenor” was brilliant. I’ve never seen this play before, so I can’t really compare it to other performances, but the actors in the play could seriously have been on Broadway. They were ALL excellent. The lines were delivered with gusto and confidence, they really took on the characters and brought such an energy to the stage. Seriously Fresno, I know I say this a lot, but you have some really GREAT and BIG talent hanging out in your town. No joke. If you’d like to see “Lend Me A Tenor” it’s playing through October 10th. You can check out more details and info on the Good Company Players website HERE.

The main reason I decided to attend this event was because I wanted to learn about more ways I could support the S.P.C.A. That place is doing it’s best to help animals and we NEED I repeat NEED more community involvement. They need more volunteers and let’s be real, more money. If they had more space and better resources they wouldn’t have to euthanize so many animals. The numbers of cats and dogs put to sleep in Fresno is disgusting. Seriously GROSS. They have trashcans full of euthanized animals. I know that’s harsh, but it’s true and we can’t turn our heads anymore. Something needs to be done. Please donate to the CCSPCA anyway you can, whether it’s your time or your money. We can help.

❤ Dominique

The Frebby Awards

September 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

What are The Frebby Awards, you say?

The Frebby Awards debuted on September 23, 2010, recognizing Fresno-area creatives who are setting standards for how the web is used. (via Frebby Awards dot com <—They say it better than I could).

James Collier of Paprika Studios loves the web and wants to spread that love.  The Frebby Awards are his brain child.  This past Thursday was the first ever Frebby Awards, and let me tell you, it was SO fun.  The event was held at The Downtown Club  on Kern Street downtown. 

The first hour of the event was for mingling.  I enjoyed talking with other internet lovers while we drank and snacked on cheeses and various finger foods.  I finally met a couple of my Twitter friends in person!  The later half of the evening were the awards.  It was so awesome to see so many people gather for an event like this.  There is so much potential online, (especially in the Fresno area) and to recognize people who are already helping that movement made me all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Me and Chance hangin’

Me and Ashley (check out her yoga blog HERE)

Anyway, I feel like I’m yacking too much when all I wanted to do was introduce you to The Frebby Awards, It’s Creator, and The Winners for 2010.

Congrats to all the Frebby Winners, can’t wait for next year!

2010 Award Winners

Morgan Gable, Mrs. Priss blog, for DIY projects.

Google Fiber for Fresno team for their website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and public relations campaign.

Fadi Safadi, Savory App, a phone and Web application for restaurant specials and deals.

Davier Interactive, Google Fiber Map, an online map allowing supporters to show where they live.

Ryan C. Jones, Ryan C. Jones Photography’s website, blog and use of social media.

Irma Olguin Jr., founder of 59 Days of Code application-writing competition.

Frebby Favorite
Anti Laboratories – F.U.S.E. 2010 (Fresno Urban Sound Experience), overall project, including website and online fund-raising campaign.

❤ Dominique

Fall Fling vs. A Taste of Riverpark

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Well Kiddies, I am literally on my way out the door to hop on a plane and head to a conference for my day job. Before I left we HAD to talk about all the craziness happening today. I’m going to break down for you where you should be at tonight. If you’ve ever complained about not having something to do on a Saturday night Sweet Lady Fresno has answered back.

FALL FLING: You should probably go if
-You are a College Student over the age of 21
-Your friends are in the modeling show
-You love Angel Taylor and Ryan Star cause they will be performing
-You hang out at The Standard
-You listen to Y101

Basically this is going to be a younger vibe. By younger I mean it how my parents do like 21-39. If you’re over that you can go, but you will probably be that creepy guy with the beer everyone calls “Uncle” something. Truthfully, if you’re over 35 you are probably in creeper territory, but I’m giving you some wiggle room.

I’m sure this will be an amazing event. Anything hosted by our girl Y101’s Nicole Giordano is always going to be a good time and a portion of the proceeds are going to RCS of Fresno. Very classy, seriously, great organization.
Taste of Riverpark: You should go if

-You want to hear my boyfriend (he does have a name by the way, Andrew Belleci)’s smooth vocals and Scottie Larios’ swift beats. (If I were in town, this would be reason enough for me)

-Your kids are in the kid’s fashion show

-You love wine from Engleman Cellars

-You want to help Saint Agnes Hospital

Here’s where I have my own theory. Ok, so Springtini/Falltini used to be a huge event for business type folks in Fresno. This is circa like 6 years ago. Now it has blown up into a huge festival and the demographic has definitely changed. I remember friends of mine going and it was like your business bought a table for it. Since it’s evolution, I think the business types are looking for a little more tame version. I think this is where Taste of Riverpark was born. If you’re over the age of 40 and you want a place to hang out with your friends without bumping into somebodies kids or someone you used to babysit, this is for sure the place for you.

The rule of thumb for me is match your age up with the price of the tickets. FallFling is $20 and Taste of Riverpark is $40. Also, the fashion show at Taste of Riverpark has Macy’s, Chicos, Old Navy and some others. FallFling’s is The Laundry Room and I’m guessing Stella and Khloe since they’re sponsors. A little hint at who they are trying to target.

Either way, get out and enjoy the festivities. Tickets for Taste of Riverpark can be purchased at the door. You can purchase your tix for FallFling online here.

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