Birdstone Winery

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This weekend I had the pleasure of marrying off one of my favorite people in the world to one of my other favorites. Our good friends Daley & Tyler (who Andrew and I introduced by the way!) became Mr. and Mrs. this weekend. It was a day full of good food, love, laughter and inappropriate dancing.

Here’s the gorgeous couple. Photo courtesy of iDropPhoto. (Who are absolutely wonderful, sweet and talented)

Seriously. I mean they make a good looking pair right?!

Here’s a shot of all the maids and the bride

The day was so memorable. One of the best parts, was the location. They picked a great local winery to have their wedding at that I just had to share with you. Whether you’re looking for a fun place to taste some great local wine or planning an event, you’ll seriously want to get to know Birdstone.

Tony and Kim (here’s a picture of them I stole off their website) own and operate Birdstone.

They are incredibly warm and real. You really feel like you’ve been invited over to their home when you visit Birdstone. They were extremely hands on and so great at the wedding. They manned and womanned the bar and were great hosts. You can tell they love what they do because it shows in the way they interact with people. Everything there is hands on. All the grapes they use in their wines are grown locally and Tony even designs their labels. Look how cool their logo is.

We tasted quite a few of their wines at the wedding. My favorite of the day was the Crimson Merlot. It was very light and perfect for the beautiful afternoon wedding. This is when I wish I was a really cool wine connoisseur so I could tell you there were apricot notes or something like that, but I’m not. I just know it was really good. If you haven’t taken advantage of the great local wineries that are just 20 or so minutes away from us, you really need to. Valley wines are gaining more and more recognition and popularity. If you want to take in a lot of wineries, check out the Madera Wine Trail coming up Nov. 13 & 14th. I went to a couple spots last year and seriously loved it. We’ll have more info on that coming up later.

Until then, if you want to drop by Birdstone, the tasting room is open from 11am-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Give it a shot and tell Tony and Kim hi for me.

❤ Cambria

P.S. Andrew caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. Just saying (wink wink)


Picking the Perfect Pumpkin at The Patch

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It’s that time of year, where the weather gets a little bit cooler (well hopefully) and the days become a little bit shorter. It’s the time of year where the candy is flowing and the over priced costumes are selling out for Halloween Parties. And what better way is there to celebrate Halloween than going to the a pumpkin patch?! There are pumpkin patches on every corner, but I didn’t want to go to just any pumpkin patch, I wanted to go to a patch where I was guaranteed to have a good time.

Chance and I checked out The Patch tonight located off First and Nees. Having trouble visualizing the cross streets?? Well, let me rephrase then. Chance and I went to the pumpkin patch that is in the same field as the GIANT inflatable pumpkin. You know where I’m talking about now? Thought so. Well, The Patch isn’t your ordinary corner pumpkin patch. No, no my friends, this place has a haunted house, carnival games, kiddie rides, karaoke, fair food, (like cotton candy, nachos, cinnamon rolls, hot dogs) and more! Of course they have pumpkins all throughout the patch, and who’s the big inflatable pumpkin? He’s a Halloween store complete with costumes, dressing rooms and Halloween décor and accessories.

I suggest if you want more of an experience while you’re shopping for the perfect pumpkin, and you don’t want to make the drive to Cobbs (although we do love Cobbs too!)–then check out The Patch located on First & Nees.

Here are a few pictures we took while we were enjoying our pumpkin picking traditions.

This is me in the giant pumpkin, kissing a scary looking grandpa statue.

I hope you all enjoy your pumpkin pickin’ festivities as much as I did! Happy hunting! I’m going with white pumpkins this year. I’m excited to decorate!

❤ Dominique

Hello Halloween!

October 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again kiddies. When the ghouls and goblins come out and pumpkins flavor everything from our candles to our lattes. I’ve collected a gaggle of fun activities for you to participate in.

First let’s take a moment and grieve that our dear Hobb’s Grove isn’t opening this year. For personal reasons the family has chosen not to open and I’m so bummed. I LOVE Hobb’s and sincerely hope they come back soon.

Cheer up Charlie! There are some fun activities happening around town.

So in case you can’t make it to the Bully Rescue Dog walk that our very own Dominique posted about, have no fear, there is ANOTHER dog walk coming up. Get your favorite pooch and dress them up in a sweet little costume for the pooch parade! So cute! You can check out the event on facebook.

This is the LAST YEAR to head out to the Corn Field Maze at Cobb Ranch. Make sure you check it out. Been there done that? Check out another one at Raisin Hell. A couple friends of mine went out there and had a great time. They’ve only been doing the Maze for a few years now, but I hear it’s a great experience.

Ever driven past that giant pumpkin on nees and thought, what in the world is that?! Me too! Turns out, it’s The Patch. This pumpkin patch has a lot happening. Everything from Carnival games to concerts.

There is so much going on. Make sure you support these great local businesses and get out of your comfort zone. Pick up your favorite pumpkin flavored beverage and get out there!

Just a few things for you to check out before you say Trick or Treat!

❤ Cambria

I Heart The Fresno County Library

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Somewhere between college and now I forgot the Library existed.  While I’ve maintained a love for reading I forgot about how my tax dollars go to this amazing place where I can have access to knowledge for FREE! Being Armenian, I LOVE a freebie, but it took a reminder from my friend JR to reignite my love for the Fresno County Library. She’s a library frequenter among other wonderful things. Here’s a quick snapshot from her blog: click here.

Growing up I LOVED going to the library. I loved the vastness of books upon books. I loved the possibilities. I loved having to use my “inside voice”. I loved it all. We lived down the street from the Leo Politi Library. I have no facts to back this up, but I’m pretty sure it’s the tiniest little library in Fresno. For me, it was a wonderland. It’s where I first checked out From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. It’s also where I checked it out for the 30th time and where I began a love for art and museums because of the magical picture it painted of them.

As I have grown so has the library. It’s still a magical place, but what you may not be aware of is the tech upgrade it’s received. Grown ups don’t have “time” to go to the library. The library realized that. They created an incredible online database that looks surprisingly similar to your netflix queue and I am sort of obsessed with it.

On the Fresno County Library site you can search Books, DVD’s, Audio books, basically anything you would pay too much for at Borders. You can search titles an add them to your list. Here’s what your list will look like as you add titles.

I know, I’m a nerd. Deal.

Ok, from here you’ll click the request item button. You can set in your preferences how you want to be notified when it arrives and which library you want it to arrive to. The greatest part? They email you the week your item is due back! Just a nice little reminder to avoid late fees. Here’s an item I recently requested. Don’t judge.

I know, but I just can’t help myself.

I know position 30 looks daunting, but bear in mind this is a brand new release.

Seriously, I have had so much fun with this. I hope you’ll give it a try.

❤ Cambria

Ficklin Winery: Grape Smush

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Got the hook up to go to a members only event at Ficklin Winery this weekend. Boyfriend and I got to crash the PORTfolio Society annual Grape Stomp.  I felt like we were on a date from the bachelorette. I had no idea you could actually do something like this in Fresno, well Madera, but pretty close anyway.

The day started off with us enjoying some Port Delight. Nothing like a Port at 9am! Then we were given tools and headed out into the fields.  After a quick schpeel on not chopping off your fingers with sheers we were filling baskets like nobodies business. Here’s my face since you have yet to see it.

Except usually when you ask me to take a picture I do this:
Those are the beautiful Tinta Madera grapes we harvested.
Oh and here I am being the Sunmaid Raisin Girl. You know the old one that is probably considered racist now, not the new one that looks like a cartoon barbie doll:
After the grapes were brought in they prepared the buckets for us and we got to stompin. Here we are mid stomp:
He’s cute, right? Love it.
And since you have no idea what our feet are actually doing by this picture. Here are post stomp feet:
Once we hosed down, there was a catered lunch, croissant sandwiches and salad, and let me tell you the port was flowing all morning.
Seriously, such a fun morning date. To become a member of the port society, all you have to do is purchase 2, 3-bottle sets a year. It gives you a 20% discount all year on additional purchases and entrance into these events. They have a big launch event for every wine release. I think it’s so worth it. We loved it and are considering a membership ourselves. Here is the photo gallery from last years stomp. In case the gratuitous pictures didn’t capture enough for you.So in like 20 years when you get to try the Tinta Port (I have no idea how long it takes to make wine) just think of how my sweet little toesies sweetened it up for you. If you stop by Ficklin, which I highly recommend, Seriously, you HAVE to try their chocolate port sometime. Ask for our buddy Jeremy Medieros, he’ll treat you right.

Dog Park

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Enjoying one of Fresno’s Dog Parks. This one is located in a cute Old Fig neighborhood on Holland right off of Palm between Ashlan and Gettysburg.

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