An I Heart Fresno Wedding

November 16, 2010 § 6 Comments

This weekend Andrew Belleci, affectionately known here as “boyfriend” effectively eliminated my favorite nickname by asking me to MARRY HIM. That’s right folks, we have an I Heart Fresno engagement!


How did it happen?! I know you’re dying to know, but first… you want to see the ring right?!

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Ok, so here’s the full story.

Andrew and I started dating 3 years ago. After about 3 weeks it didn’t quite work out. After that we tried not to date each other for a year and a half and failed miserably. We’ve been together now for a year and a couple months. During that time, actually all the time, Andrew has kept a journal. You need to know this back story to fully appreciate what happened.

Ok, Friday morning at approximately 9am Andrew came to pick me up. He had a non fat chai from The Grind in his hand, because he knows the way to my heart is through consumable goods. I live near Woodward Park, so he suggested we go for a walk on our morning off. We hadn’t been in a little while so I immediately agreed. (I wonder what he would have done if I said no, but I digress..)

We were walking and talking as if life altering decisions were not about to take place when he pointed out that someone had left a note tacked up on the walking trail. Being the ever curious Armenian that I am (ok nosey) I immediately began to read it. It was dated 3/16/07, the day Andrew and I met.

Tears instantly began to flood my face as I realized he had lined the walkway with excerpts from his journal from the past 3 1/2 years. We laughed together and I cried a lot as we read and reminisced about each one. Eventually we made our way to the bench we have our big talks on. He had his guitar and a bouquet of flowers waiting for us. He sang a song and then got down on one knee.

It was beautiful, it was us and it was perfect. About 10 minutes later I started to think.. holy smokes! I have a wedding to plan! Which means… we have a new section of the blog coming just for you Fresno! Dominique and I are proud to announce I Heart Fresno Weddings!! We’ll be bringing you info on wedding vendors, locations and ideas for making your Fresno wedding a unique experience. You’ll get to follow me along as I plan my wedding and hopefully I’ll be able to shoot you the best deals and vendors this wonderful town has to offer. I’ve already done a ton of research that I can’t wait to share with you! Whether you’re planning a wedding of your own or just love all things weddings we’ll hope you’ll check back on us as we go through the process! The good, the bad and the ugly; you know we’re going to break it down for you! If you have any vendors or wedding suggestions you want to send my way, I’d love to hear them. You can email me at

❤ Cambria

The fiance’s


Where in the World is Cambria?

September 25, 2010 § 5 Comments

I’ve hidden away in a city of books. Do you know where I am kiddies?

Thank YOU

September 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

We are seriously overwhelmed by the LOVE we’ve been shown by all of you. Can you believe Dominique and I have only been at this for a few weeks! We love your comments, tips and fan friday posts. Keep them coming! We’re extremely grateful for all of our fans and excited to see there are so many out there who love our city.

❤ Cambria

Fresno looks good from here

September 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

Chance and I have been in L.A. this past weekend and hopefully we are making our way back home to Fresno today (Monday). One of my very best friends is attending Law School at Pepperdine University and it’s been fun to visit with her while Chance works. Although Malibu is beautiful and Santa Monica has been fun…I really don’t think I could live here. Really. I could go on and on about my personal opinion of L.A. but that wouldn’t do any of us any good.

So I’ll just say this…

L.A. really kills my buzz sometimes. Not like an alcoholic buzz, like my LIFE buzz.

God.               Bless.                 Fresno.

❤ Dominique

It’s a Beautiful Fresno Wednesday…

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

And I am stuck at home sick .. boo.

What’s your favorite Fresno get well soup? I need a little pick me up.

❤ Cambria

Running Mouths with No Legs

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wanted to share a post from my personal blog I wrote a few weeks back. I ran across it today and thought it was appropriate for what Cam and I are trying to do here.


I grew up in Fresno. I have family here, I’ve made life-long friends here and Fresno will always be home to me no matter where the road takes us. Growing up, I didn’t hate Fresno, but I didn’t love it. Occasionally when we would come home from an annual beach trip I’d wonder why Fresno was so hot and there wasn’t a Boardwalk here. But obviously, as I grew older I got the idea. Fresno wasn’t a place to be if you want to have cool weather in the summer and do fun things year round. And I started to notice everything wrong with this town (or so I thought). In high school I had dreams to go away to college or live by the beach. As college was fast approaching I didn’t have plans to go anywhere except good ol’ Fresno City College. I had many friends that went away to great cities for school and when they’d come back over Christmas break we’d talk about how cool and different their new environment was and how Fresno is so behind the times. Hearing all these things about Fresno and how “uncool” it apparently is, I thought…”hey this place is stupid! I gotta get outta here!”

That was the attitude I had for years. I just kept thinking, alright…once I make some money or finish school I’m bookin’ it.

But I stayed. Not necessarily because I really wanted to stay, but there wasn’t anything really pushing me away. And in that time I met my husband, got married, started a business in Fresno and the rest is history.

Now, I didn’t really want to write a blog about my history here in Fresno, but I thought it’d be important to know before I say what I really want to say. And please, hear me out.

Fresno is not a bad city. In fact, it’s a really great place. I’ve really grown to appreciate Fresno. There is nothing wrong with the talent here in Fresno. There is nothing wrong with the size of Fresno. There is nothing wrong with our resources here.

But there is something wrong with recognition. There is something wrong with people that leave Fresno so they can “make something of themselves” because they think Fresno will never go anywhere. There is something wrong when people complain and complain and complain about this city before they invest any time supporting it. There’s great talent here. There are really, really cool things going on in Fresno, but we need more people to support it.

Are you one of those people who rags on Fresno for not producing good talent, but then fails to support the arts community? The downtown revitalization project? The local farmers? The local restaurants? Because if you’re that person then we don’t want you here. Your negative attitude is the reason Fresno can’t ever catch a break. We need more people helping and less people complaining.

I get it. Fresno’s hot in the summer. I hate the heat. I get it…if you don’t know what’s going on during a Friday night and you don’t know where to look it’s easy to complain, but my hope is that you’ll start becoming more aware and progressive individually to build up this city instead of tear it down.

My biggest frustration is when people run their mouths about something they know nothing about. Get out there and check out what Fresno has to offer, we may not be L.A. or San Fran, but we’ve got some great things cooking. Support the movement.

***I Heart Fresno is here to help you***

❤ Dominique

Fresno Birthday

August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alright I had to do this.

Everyone, it’s Cambria’s birthday today and she’s the other half to “I Heart Fresno.” In fact, “I Heart Fresno” was her brain child.   Aren’t we all so glad that she thought up this idea??  I am!

Cambria is such a sweet soul, with a little spice and a little sass. The PERFECT combo if you ask me. I consider Cam my soul sister because we just get each other. She’s passionate, caring and so fun to be around. So many people love Cam simply because she’s herself. You don’t need a manual to figure her out, she just is who she is.

Oh, and did I mention she’s probably the most stylish person I know??  So maybe if we’re lucky she’ll give us a few style tips in the future.  She’s so good at so many things it actually kinda makes me sick.  But seriously, she’s the real deal, folks and I promise you that her blog posts will continue to be entertaining as well as hilarious.

Cheers to Cam!  Happy Birthday! Fresno is greater because you’re in it!

❤ Dominique

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