Holiday Shopping at Twee

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I was in Twee yesterday and about died. They have sooooooooooooooooo many great gift ideas for those lookin’ to keep their Christmas dollars local. Here are some of my favorite finds…

These little hair pins make the perfect stocking stuffer – 4.5

How cute is this bib?! – 15

LOVE these pillows. I actually grabbed the PEACE pillow, because at this time of year we all need a little more “peace” in our home. Especially me, since we recently got a puppy while trying to still love on our other two fur balls (dog : Seven and Cat : Moes) as well as run a business, blogs and happy house. uh. I’m tired.

Speaking of animals, I love Twee’s pet section. ALL local and handmade.

Look at this yummy scarf. Chance– get this for me. I’m not even going to try and hint. – 22

This purse is the same designer as the scarf above. Love how she uses the ruffles. So fun! – 90

I thought this was so cool. A children’s book by a Fresnan!

I encourage you to go in and check out the selection for yourself. Find them on FB HERE and visit their website HERE, too!

❤ Dominique


I’m Nuts For Sierra Nut House

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I love this place. I’ve been going there ever since I was a little girl because my mom would ALWAYS shop at Sierra Nut House for Christmas gifts. Did you know it’s been open since 1969?! Local owned, and locally grown. Love that. Read more info on their website HERE.

But I have to say, my favorite thing about this place is their charming atmosphere. It’s like Pottery Barn but with food instead of furniture. Oh! And instead of ugly plastic baskets to hold your goodies while you shop, they offer wooden baskets– so stylish! They also have cute little gifts like tea sets and decorative napkins. AND fresh sandwiches, fresh coffee, fresh soup and “tea of the day.”

I took lots of pictures.

And here they are.

❤ Dominique

3034 East Sierra Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710
(559) 299-3052

7901 North Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, CA
(559) 432-4023

“New to You” and New to Me!

November 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I know I’ve mentioned this already, but I love old treasures. I love looking through thrift stores and such in hopes of finding a hidden gem. It gets me all giddy just thinking about it. New to You is a “gently used furniture and consignment boutique.” Their motto (that can be found on their website) is : “Reuse-Save Money-Save the Planet”

Are you KIDDING ME?! Did someone just say everything I love to hear? Yes. Yes, they did.

I remember checking out this place when they first opened. They were located right across the street from Fresno High–over by Echo Cafe. It was a cute store then, but they definitely have more in stock now. Their new location is a warehouse that’s packed full! It’s located at 3241 N. Marks Ave. #117, BUT it’s kinda tricky to find them. Although their address is technically Marks, they are actually on Weber, so don’t get confused like I did! Instead, Mapquest 3252 N. Weber and it’ll drop you off right on target.

Alonso is one of the owners, and he’s one of the most helpful guys you’ll ever meet. He walked me through his warehouse telling me about different furniture pieces and knick knacks he had in the shop. I was also informed that New to You has “5 dollar sales” at least once a month to make room for new or “old” inventory. To keep up with dates for 5 dollar sales and get a sneak peek at new store arrivals make sure to “like” their Facebook Page HERE and check out their website HERE.

Chance and I walked away with 4 goodies. We bought 3 chairs for the studio that we’re going to refinish (forgot to take a picture of them, sorry!) and I bought an ewwy gooie gorgeous 1950s-ish dresser that I CAN’T WAIT TO REFINISH! Ugh! And the prices? SUPER GOOD. My dresser (that is practically flawless) was sold to me for $125 folks–AND, AND Alonso himself delivered it. What a guy!

Let’s be fearless, Fresno. Get out their and be creative when you’re decorating your office, apartment, home or business. Let’s keep our money going to good Fresno businesses while we have fun in the process.

Do you have anything you need to furnish? Go to New to You and check their selection.

Here’s my dresser! Can you see me drooling?

I’m thinking about doing the dresser this color. I love the dreamy, light blue. Whatdaya think? I’m open for suggestions.

(picture via designsponge)

❤ Dominique

Stella Laguna Beach

November 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Stelllllllllllaaaaaa!!! (I had to)

In the last couple of years there has been some major movement on the Fresno Fashion seen. Boutique shopping has been creeping in and I have to say I am a huge fan.

If you haven’t checked out Stella Laguna Beach, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Stella is an extremely current and fresh boutique. In my humble opinion it’s the perfect mix of affordable and trendy without looking cheap. The store has a really chill vibe that’s not trying too hard but still brings the style.

I’ve got a little bit of a sugar hangover, so I felt like I needed a little bit of Monday afternoon shopping to pick me up. I love perusing this spot. They always have new stuff to check out and for some reason the stuff all reminds me of what the Kardashian’s wear and I happen to think their the amazing (guilty pleasure alert).

Ok, so if you’re like me then all of that is great, but you need a bargain. Well you heard it here first I Heart Fresno readers. They are having a HUGE 50% off sale.

When I stopped in today, the gals told me they had just marked down a few racks of stuff. Plus, they’re running a buy 2 get one free deal on all tops. Seriously, they’re prices are REALLY reasonable, so you don’t necessarily need it to shop there, but a little incentive never hurt anyone. If you want to check them out you can head over to one of their two location at the Villagio shopping center and Fig Garden Village.

I was in a rush, but I will DEFINITELY be going back for this little number. SO cute.

❤ Cambria

Tower Tuesdays : Vintage Thirft and Antiques

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I’m sorry this post is super duper late. I was originally going to review another hot spot in the Tower District, but I didn’t want to rush through it so I’m going to share a store with you that I ran into real quick just last week.

It’s an antique shop on Van Ness. Yes, a cute little antique shop that’s NOT in Clovis! I know, wild man. The store is super tiny, but still PACKED FULL of treasures. I looked around and tried on some old hats and jewelry ’cause that’s what I do in these kinda stores. It was a fun little find.

You can find Vintage Thirft and Antiques off Van Ness between Floradora and McKinley.

Here are some pictures.
First of all, how perfect is this ring? I mean, come on.

❤ Dominique

B-Alive Vitamins

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I’m all about natural and organic stuff. I’m kinda a weirdo about it. I love learning about it, I love looking at it. I just love it. The organic and all-natural craze hasn’t really hit Fresno at full speed yet. If you go down south or even up north to the hippie ya-ya nation that IS Santa Cruz you’ll find eco-friendly clothing, loads of organic produce and even all natural beauty products in a number of stores. In fact, there are many stores up north and down that cater to the “all natural” population (which is a lot).

In Fresno, however, these stores are few and far between. There are a couple here and there that have the loyalty of their long-time customers to keep them in business, but most Fresnans who are new to the all natural world don’t know where to go when they want eco friendly, organic, natural choices (other than Whole Foods, of course). Don’t get me wrong, I really love Whole Foods, but I’d rather get products locally first if they are available.

I walked in and was greeted immediately. The store’s atmosphere was welcoming and warm. I felt like I was entering a good friend’s home. I spoke to the manager and she gave me a little tour around the shop. They have a great selection of herbs and organic teas. In fact, I left with a beloved favorite (Yogi Relaxed Mind Tea). Their vitamin selection is outta control. Like for realzie. They also feature a wide variety of natural hair products, which I totally appreciate (Giovanni is another personal favorite).  They have other goodies here and there from different grains and pastas to organic baby clothing. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to becoming a frequent customer.  B-Alive, Fresno!  Support our nature loving friends.

❤ Dominique

Visit their website HERE
And find them on Facebook HERE

B-Alive Vitamins can be found at the following locations

6757 N. Cedar Ave.
Fresno, CA 93710

6701 N. Milburn #140
Fresno, CA 93722

New Downtown Store: Urban Salvage

September 17, 2010 § 7 Comments

Who loves searching for treasures? ME!

Who loves searching for super cool old treasures?!


I grew up with a dad that loved old signs, old wood, old tools, and old rusty yard décor. In fact, he still loves old things, especially old barn wood that he has recently started making into THESE beautiful tables. But anyway, what I’m getting at is this- I LOVE old findings. My dad’s love for old treasures definitely rubbed off on me.

Meet Pat Bar. She’s one of the proud owners of Urban Salvage.


Urban Salvage JUST opened (well actually it’s not officially open until October 1st) but she’s had her doors open for a few days now and is allowing people to browse. See, look at what I HEART FRESNO does for you!?! We’re checking out new digs and telling you about them BEFORE they’re even officially open! This means you could go check it out before the store is officially official! You’re a big deal now, you’re VIP now. You confused yet?? I am. So I’ll stop.

Let’s talk about what Urban Salvage is. It’s a huge warehouse FULL of old treasures (much like Yoshi Now). The owner, Pat, loves old things, too. She loves to collect old findings from all around the world. She told us that when she was younger she told her father she was going to own a store one day devoted to her love for collectables. She took us around the store, showing us some of her latest inventory with a huge grin on her face. It’s so enjoyable to see someone do something they love to do. It makes life so rich.

I had Chance come along with me and snap some pictures while I looked around and chatted with Pat. Check out this place. You need to go there. Seriously.









This is brilliant.Photobucket



I’m 97% sure Chance and I are going back to purchase these old lockers. How cool are they?!




I love the words on the poster. I’m alllll about using our resources.


So, are you gonna go check it out??!! You’ve got to. Don’t wanna go alone?? Then why don’t you come to the Creative Fresno blender October 1st because Urban Salvage is hosting it! Who wouldn’t want to meet new people in a cool, old warehouse?! Come on, people. This is real. This is Fresno. Let’s get excited.

Store Details

Urban Salvage is open Thursday-Saturday 11am-5pm
1515 N. Broadway Fresno, CA 93721
Pat Barr -559.905.1836
Janet Sangster- 559.930.0286

❤ Dominique

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