Frosted Cakery Has A New Cupcake!

January 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

So are you dying to know Frosted Cakey’s new flavor?? Is it just killing you?! Ok, drum roll please…

Pecan Waffles And Bacon!!!!

Isn’t she a beauty? And lemme tell you- it’s tasty, too! (<–anyone remember that "I Love Lucy" reference?)

So we said so long to the famous French Toast and Bacon Cupcake, but hello to another breakfast goodie. This cupcake is made with Belgian waffle cake with bacon baked into the cake. Did you hear me?! Baked into the cake, folks. This isn’t your grandma’s cupcake (well maybe it is if she likes breakfast).

Anyhow, here are a few more stats on the cup-

– Infused with 100% maple syrup
– Topped with butter pecan cream
– Garnished with candied pecans, bacon and waffle

And if those deets don’t impress you, just take it from me. The cupcake was delicious. And I don’t eat meat, which means I don’t eat bacon, but in this case–for the big reveal, I ate it. I did it in the name of cupcake love. I did it for you, Fresno (and it was phenom).

Once you try this bad boy, you’ll find yourself saying, “French Toast, who?” (of course we can all tip our hats to that trusty cupcake that had us all drooling long ago).

A moment of silence for French Toast.

And a hip, hip, hooray for Pecan Waffles and Bacon!!!!!!!

Go get one. NOW. Seriously… they are nice and fresh. Tell them I Heart Fresno sent you.

❤ Dominique

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Follow Your Forte :: Melanie from Twee Boutique

December 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

We are BACK!!! The holiday season kicked us hard, but we are ready to attack! I know you all missed our Follow Your Forte video on Friday so we’re bringin’ it to you today. And yes, we will still be blogging regular posts. We are having so much fun with the FYF videos, but we will not abandon the fun daily posts either!

Meet Melanie. She’s the owner of Twee Boutique over in the Tower District on the Wishon Row. Remember Frosted Cakery and The SuppotR? Yea, she’s on the same strip as them! You could hit up all these amazing places cuz they’re only a hop, skip and jump away from each other.

We loved spending time with Melanie in her amazing boutique, and you know we couldn’t leave Twee without walking out with a few goodies. Thanks Melanie for your loveliness and hospitality. We had fun!

❤ Dominique

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Take it away Cam…

Follow Twee

Like Twee

Twee is located on the Wishon Row in the Tower District

Address : 1302 N. Wishon
Fresno, CA 93728

Phone : (559) 441-0427

Holiday Shopping at Twee

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was in Twee yesterday and about died. They have sooooooooooooooooo many great gift ideas for those lookin’ to keep their Christmas dollars local. Here are some of my favorite finds…

These little hair pins make the perfect stocking stuffer – 4.5

How cute is this bib?! – 15

LOVE these pillows. I actually grabbed the PEACE pillow, because at this time of year we all need a little more “peace” in our home. Especially me, since we recently got a puppy while trying to still love on our other two fur balls (dog : Seven and Cat : Moes) as well as run a business, blogs and happy house. uh. I’m tired.

Speaking of animals, I love Twee’s pet section. ALL local and handmade.

Look at this yummy scarf. Chance– get this for me. I’m not even going to try and hint. – 22

This purse is the same designer as the scarf above. Love how she uses the ruffles. So fun! – 90

I thought this was so cool. A children’s book by a Fresnan!

I encourage you to go in and check out the selection for yourself. Find them on FB HERE and visit their website HERE, too!

❤ Dominique

Holiday Homes

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

We are excited to be back! Thanksgiving break was good to us. And Cam got a wedding dress!! Woot!! Woot!!!

How was everyone’s Turkey Day? Did you do it up traditional with the bird and stuffing or what about raviolis and red sauce? (Shout out to my fellow Italians out there. HEY OH)!

While Thanksgiving was delicious and fun, I am excited to announce that I already have my Christmas Tree up and decorated! I’m one of those people who doesn’t even let my Thanksgiving feast settle before I run off to Cobb’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Speaking of Christmas, one of my favorite annual December events is coming up. Can you guess what it is? No! Not Gingerbread lattes (are there people actually drinking those? Barf.), it’s…………………The Fresno High Holiday Home Tour! If you’re like me then you’ll LOVE to be nosey and look inside other people’s homes. And when the houses are THIS quaint and lovely, who could pass it up?

The proceeds of ticket sales benefit Fresno High School. Who wants to support a great cause AND see dreamy, historic homes? Ummm… sign me up!

Please help keep this holiday tradition going and buy tickets for the Holiday Home Tour on December 6th. Check out their website HERE for more details, and make sure to keep up with updates and become their Facebook Friend HERE.

Hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season!

❤ Dominique

Follow Your Forte : The SupportR

November 24, 2010 § 4 Comments

You may or may not have noticed that we’ve been a little slower with posting things on the home front also known as thee I Heart Fresno Blog. Things have been busy, but in a good way and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Cam and I have been working our little buns off filming videos for our Follow Your Forte section of this blog as well as staking out more local spots for all you wonderful Fresnans. We will be bringing you a Follow Your Forte segment every week starting NOW and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

However, because the holidays are fasting approaching, Cam and I decided to take a little “vaca” from posting regualr posts for the next few days. We’ll be back with regular posts Monday, November 29th. But before we go, we couldn’t leave you hanging.

The SupportR is an awesome BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW sandwich joint in Tower. Meet the beautiful owner, Mary and enjoy listening to her story about turning her passion for food into a healthy business!

Oh, and H*A*P*P*Y* T*H*A*N*K*S*G*I*V*I*N*G*!!! We’ll see you Monday!

❤ Dom & Cam

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to Pat Dill from Baked Pickles! “Like” their Facebook page!

❤ Dominique & Cambria

The SuppotR

1292 N Wishon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93728
(559) 421-8530

Follow Your Forte : Frosted Cakery

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

We are BEYOND thrilled to bring you our 1st Follow your Forte interview! Our very 1st guest is Frosted Cakery. Frosted Cakery is located in The Tower District on the Wishon Row at 1292 N. Wishon Fresno, CA 93728. They share a space with the new SupportR sandwich shop, and let me tell you– BOTH of these businesses are fabulous.

I Heart Fresno wants to start bringing you inside these businesses so you can hear the stories of the people behind them. We love hearing people share their passions and talents, and when they share them in Fresno?! Well, we “Heart” that even more.

Enough talking from me…check out our video and let us know what you think of Frosted Cakery and our Follow Your Forte segment!

This video is courtesy of Enrique Meza at the No Network.

❤ Dominique

A HUGE thank you again to Beverly and Megan over at Frosted Cakery. And don't forget to find them on Facebook and “like” their page! If you’d like to try out their delicious treats make sure you stop in and tell them I Heart Fresno sent you! Frosted Cakery is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm. They are closed Monday.

Tower Tuesday : Cafe Corazon

October 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

Fresh Roasted Coffee is what this place is all about. Leo, the owner and coffee lover behind Café Corazon, has a deep love affair with fresh coffee. What can you expect from Café Corazon? Well to start, it’s coffee is from all over the world and not only that, it’s all small farm, fair trade and organic!! Who doesn’t love organic these days, I mean…come on guys, ORGANIC! It’s the new thing circa 2006.

When I walked into Café Corazon I quickly realized this place is NOTHING like anything I’ve seen in Fresno. I mean, I was greeted by Leo who was behind a few tables roasting FRESH coffee -per order- that‘s cup by cup, folks. Nothing super fancy about this place, and I like that. It has a very chill, but welcoming atmosphere. You aren’t bombarded by annoying baristas and less than clever crappuccinos. No, no…at Café Corazon you are surrounded by local art, a hodgepodge of chairs and tables (but it totally works), and of course, coffee.

My experience with the coffee, and the company at Café Corazon was wonderful. I talked to Leo for a few minutes here and there as he was roasting some coffee beans. From what I gather, Leo has a deep respect for good, fresh coffee. As a Fresno Coffee Warrior (I’m gonna go ahead and give him that title) he knows the best way to roast, and he serves his unique cups of joe just right. He’s done his research and has taken his time to perfect his craft. I think it’s safe to say coffee is close to Leo’s heart (or Corazon). Leo’s passion to help the community is strong and he hopes to empower Fresno one cup at a time.

So if you’re in the mood to sit and relax while you let my friend, Leo roast you up a tasty coffee treat make sure to tell him I Heart Fresno sent you. And Café Corazon, this is our Heart to Heart…Job well done!

❤ Dominique

You can find Café Corazon on the Wishon Row@
1306 N Wishon
Fresno, CA 93728

Check out their Website HERE
And follow them on Twitter HERE

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