August 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

Tonight Chance and I went to the Greek Festival . We’ve never been there before, so we thought we’d go check it out. We arrived a little late and had unfortunately already ate right before so we didn’t try any of the dinner food, but it looked AMAZING. We walked around and grabbed some Baklava and watched people have a ball while they learned traditional Greek dances. There were little booths selling crafts and things (similar to Big Hat Days, but on a smaller scale). They had lots of booze, Gyros, and Greek treats. The kids area was cute and had fun booths where kids could get their faces painted as well as bouncy slides and craft areas.  Before we headed out, Chance grabbed some Loukoumades (basically little donut holes). They were delish, not as sweet as donuts, but still very good.

Even though it’s been EXTREMELY hot the past few days, tonight was perfect! I was wearing two layers of clothing and didn’t break a sweat, (and that’s saying a lot coming from me because I can usually sweat in 70 degree weather). The wind was refreshing and it’s so nice to enjoy the outside weather in August in FRESNO! Thank you Fresno, you gave us a nice little breezy surprise tonight…you sweet little thing you.

Here are a few pictures of us trying to look fly in the wind and the last picture we took while waiting in line for some yummy Loukoumades.

❤ Dominique





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