From Our Heart, To Yours

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

We would like to thank all of our Blog, Facebook and Twitter followers out there. Without you, this blog wouldn’t be nearly as fun. We have BIG plans and ideas for 2011. We are in attack mode now. We have some GREAT Follow Your Forte videos lined up and we will be offering advertising on our website early February of 2011. We also have I Heart Fresno T-shirts, parties, and a fresh new look to the site coming your way, so make sure to keep following us! And please “Like” our I Heart Fresno page as well as our brand spankin’ new Follow Your Forte page.

The video below is what happens when you’re slap happy and think you’re famous because you do a few “Follow Your Forte” videos. I hope you love our bigger than life smiles… we like to embarrass ourselves.

Merry Christmas, Fresno! And may your New Year be BRIGHT!

❤ Dominique and Cambria

This video is courtesy of Pat Dill from Baked Pickles.


Time For THAI

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whoa, what’s this.. we’re blogging?! Could it be true?! I know we’ve been the worst right? Well we’re back in action kids and ready to ATTACK!

Today, I had a break from the evil cocktail of rain and holiday traffic and enjoyed a roommate reunion. Sunny Yingling, our dear married friend and former roommate had lunch with roomie Brooke and I. Such a great holiday diversion.

Here’s me and Mrs. Yingling. (BTW Mrs. Yingling happens to be an AMAZING dietician, so if you’re trying to slim down in the new year check her out!)

Here’s the other side of the table.

Ya, I was magically on both sides. Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have a twin.

As far as I’m concerned, any time is a great time for Thai. I had never been to Time For Thai on Willow and Nees, but I really enjoyed my experience. First of all, I walked in and the restaurant was completely empty. Not great for business, but great for a quiet lunch. The ladies who were working were crowded around what I’m guessing is a Thai Soap Opera. Whatever it was I was entertained until my girls arrived. We all were craving some Pad Thai and none o us were disappointed. The menu is huge, reasonably priced and from what I gathered from my Pad Thai, tasty.

Here’s a picture of Brooke’s leftovers, cause I sure did finish mine.

If you need a diversion from the holiday madness or you just want to catch up on your Thai Soaps, check out Time for Thai.


❤ Cambria

Follow Your Forte : Jason Donald

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

We know we’ve been slacking on the posts, and we do apologize. The holidays get a little outta control, wouldn’t you agree?

So please forgive us and enjoy another Follow Your Forte video.

Meet Jason Donald. He’s a Fresno (technically Clovis) native and he followed his dream of becoming a pro athlete. He plays for the Cleveland Indians and lives in Fresno on the off season. Tune in to hear a little more of his story.

P.S. – We just finished our second round of filming for more Follow Your Forte videos, and they’re gooooooood.

❤ Dominique

Cast Your Vote For Fresno

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’ve been spamming you about voting for Fresno and for good reason. Walmart is going to give away one million dollars to feed the hunger to the community that has the most support. Currently Fresno is in the top spot, but the no. 2 city, Grand Rapids, is not too far behind. While it would be wonderful for any city to be able to feed people that are hungry in their area, I would love to see the money come here. As you heard from Mike Slayden, the director of Off The Front last Friday, we have the highest concentration of poverty in the nation! That alone would give us reason enough to support Fresno.

However, then I read Mike Oz’s article on the Beehive today and I was like, “Oh no he didn’t”. Not Mike Oz, he’s the man, but John Arnold. Who’s John Arnold you ask? He’s the director of the Grand Rapids chapter of Feeding America.  He told a Grand Rapids reporter this last week, “To lose to New York City would be expected but to lose to Fresno would be humiliating.”

“Oh no HE didn’t!” Well I think he’s already taken care of humiliating himself. I mean really, you work for feed AMERICA. Last time I checked, Fresno’s a part of America. Here’s where we come in. Let’s rally together. Let’s support our city. Let’s show all the John Arnold’s out there that Fresno cares and is a community that will do anything they can to help the homeless in our community. Take a second and cast your vote HERE by clicking “like”. When you’re done post it on your facebook, spam email people, twitter it, make a sandwich board sign and wear it around town, do whatever you can to get Fresno those one million buckaroos.

Let’s show this nation how much we HEART Fresno.

❤ Cambria

Follow Your Forte : Off The Front

December 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen we are excited to bring you yet another Follow Your Forte Video. Mike Slayden is the guy behind Off The Front. This new non profit company helps the impoverished areas of Fresno. Check out our video to learn more.

Please visit their website HERE
And Facebook Page HERE

I Heart Fresno Weddings: Englemann’s Cellars & Encore Events

December 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Fresno’s selection of wedding locations can be a little limiting for a bride who is looking for something truly unique. There are definitely places here that are wonderful, but you really have to dig to find something different. Wolf Lakes is beautiful and I’m totally not dissing what they do, but I just didn’t want to get married where so many of my other friends had.

It’s also hard to find a place that will give a you the freedom to choose your own vendors. If you’re on a budget and you’re planning a wedding in Fresno, having the freedom to choose your vendors will help you save money and create the unique feel that you want to. With all of this considered I went on an exhaustive search looking for the right place, with the right feel, for the right price. Exhausted I turned to the lovely Suzanne Devereaux of Encore Events who came in and saved the day. She is an absolute joy and is changing my life. Seriously, if you are looking for a wedding planner who is warm, professional, and gets your style, she is totally your gal. She loves what she does and you can feel it in the way she treats you and gets excited with you.

Together we headed out on a mission and found our perfect location. Drum roll please…… Englemann Cellars! Andrew plays music and his band Bellarios played a gig out there awhile back. They have a beautiful open area out there and the sun totally sets over the vineyards. It basically looks like they just took out a huge rectangle in the middle of the vines and added a beautiful grass area with trees. You’re surrounded on three sides by vines and it’s absolutely beautiful. We really wanted our wedding to have a natural and laid back feel and Englemann’s is absolutely perfect for it. Plus, they allow us to bring in whatever vendors we want. On top of that, they are super reasonable. For events of 80 people or more, you just have to purchase 10 cases of wine and you get the facility… for free! We were going to purchase wine anyway. How great for us to buy a great local wine and get the perk of using their gorgeous facility.

If you’re a bride looking for something different in the Valley, you are not alone. I literally looked EVERYWHERE in the Valley, so if you need any suggestions of places, feel free to email me at my new email! As soon as I figure out how to check it, I’ll send you my list of spots.

❤ Cambria

Holiday Shopping at Twee

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was in Twee yesterday and about died. They have sooooooooooooooooo many great gift ideas for those lookin’ to keep their Christmas dollars local. Here are some of my favorite finds…

These little hair pins make the perfect stocking stuffer – 4.5

How cute is this bib?! – 15

LOVE these pillows. I actually grabbed the PEACE pillow, because at this time of year we all need a little more “peace” in our home. Especially me, since we recently got a puppy while trying to still love on our other two fur balls (dog : Seven and Cat : Moes) as well as run a business, blogs and happy house. uh. I’m tired.

Speaking of animals, I love Twee’s pet section. ALL local and handmade.

Look at this yummy scarf. Chance– get this for me. I’m not even going to try and hint. – 22

This purse is the same designer as the scarf above. Love how she uses the ruffles. So fun! – 90

I thought this was so cool. A children’s book by a Fresnan!

I encourage you to go in and check out the selection for yourself. Find them on FB HERE and visit their website HERE, too!

❤ Dominique