Fresno has been food for comedy fodder and for good reason.  Most people who live here spend their days trying to figure out how to get out. We often find ourselves apologizing about being from Fresno when we’re out of town.  It’s a city that toes the awkward line between rural and metropolitan. With all of it’s faults Fresno is a beautiful place with incredible people. It’s a place with a lot of potential. Instead of resenting the awkardness of this place, we choose to embrace it. We choose to be pioneers. To love this place for what it is and to believe it can be something more. We heart Fresno and after seeing it through our eyes, we’re sure you will too.

❤ Cambria & Dominique

****Listen to our interview with the Daily Dues below, (interview starts at the 13:57 mark in the broadcast). ****


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  • Anna says:

    Great blog, and it makes me happy to see some good words written about Fresno! As someone who spent my younger days trying my hardest to leave Fresno but returned as an adult, I too have learned to stop apologizing about my hometown. Fresno is a great place to call home and it’s nice to see that others appreciate it and all it has to offer!

  • Nicole Giordano-Ashjian says:

    I think this is just fabulous..I’ll help spread the word 😉 Nice work ladies!

    Fellow proud Fresnan

  • Ron Holcroft says:

    Checking you guys out…Like I’m some kind of expert on such things. Glad to see this blog about Fresno in a positive light. Good luck. Ron.

  • Kimberly Sheard says:

    re: B-alive Vitiams/Dominique.

    I read the B-alive article, which you wrote that “you were all about natural and organic stuff.” For a class assignment I have to do an research paper about green/organic clothing and textiles. Are you a consumer of green/organic clothing? If so, may I interview you for my assigment. Otherwise, do you know of any Organic clothing stores in Fresno?

    -Kimberly Sheard

    P.S. Love the blog! Its nice to hear good things about Fresno!

  • ani says:

    New to Fresno, love your blog but wondering about the Sunnyside link. When is it going live?

    • Hey Ani! They Sunnyside link is live, but I believe we’ve just been slackers and haven’t posted anything yet! Hang tight, we’ve got some Sunnyside themed blogs coming up in the next couple weeks.

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